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Act I: The Sands of Fate

Fully labeled map (Full size)


  • Players must progress through separate zones to complete the campaign.
  • Each zone has three difficulty tiers, represented by three stars.
  • A star ranking is given out at the end of each zone depending on certain criteria met.
  • Players can pass through a zone without earning any stars.
  • Click on a zone's name for full information regarding units, objects, drop rates and more.

Yhilla's Cove[]

Yhilla's Cove
Siltbreaker Yhilla's Cove Header.jpg
The deceptive shoals around Yhilla's Cove have sunk many fortunes, but there are still some skilled tillermen who make use of its windward shelter.

Howling Weald[]

Howling Weald
Siltbreaker Howling Weald Header.jpg
The wolf-kin of the Longclaw clan roam the breadth of the Howling Weald, a constant danger to the thread of commerce still daring for the coast.
Quests Enemies
  • Find the Crossroads Garrison in under 9:00 / 6:30 / 3:00.
  • Hunt at least 8 / 12 / 16 Berzerker Hellbears.
  • Your team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.
  • Alpha Dire Hounds will not use their ranged attack if a hero is standing next to them
  • Berzerker Hellbears will deal a powerful AoE attack around them when there is a nearby hero. There is a red mark at their feet that allows you to evade the attack in addition to the animation.
  • Gather everyone at the very beginning before the bridge and use your spells on the first camp during the regeneration you get from discovering a checkpoint.
  • You can use flasks while taking damage from all the enemies in this act, pretty much as all other acts in the game - but they are most effective here due to low hp pool.
  • Tips needed.

Crossroads Garrison[]

Crossroads Garrison
Siltbreaker Crossroads Garrison Header.jpg
The displaced folk of Kalabor face untold threats as they push to settle the wildlands.
Quests Enemies
  • Defeat Lucius Longclaw in under 9:00 / 7:00 / 5:00.
  • Your team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.
  • Lucius Longclaw will use a ranged attack that applies an effect similar to Bloodseeker's Rupture. The projectile particle resembles Venomancer's Venomous Gale.
  • Lucius Longclaw takes a moment to charge his heavy stunning attack. Move away from his front to dodge it, specifically away from his side where a claw glows. If both glow, move away from or through him.
  • Lucius Longclaw will spawn Alpha Dire Hounds for help.
  • All of Lucius Longclaw's attacks hit right in front of him. Simple sidesteps as he is charging any of his attacks will dodge all of them.
  • The timer starts as soon as the 2nd zone is reached, starting the event right away is key to achieving 3 stars.
  • The timer ends when talking to the commander, not when you kill Lucius Longclaw, so staying near him is key to get the 3 stars
  • Tips needed.

Trial of Gallaron[]

Trial of Gallaron
Siltbreaker Trial of Gallaron Header.jpg
Though Gallaron's reputation had not preceded him, his obvious aptitude in the arcane arts quickly convinced the settlement of his authenticity.
Quests Enemies
  • Find the Siltbreaker Orb of Passage icon.png Orb of Passage in under 7:00 / 5:30 / 3:30.
  • Your team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.
  • Do not try to navigate the trapped corridors all at once. Go one at a time to avoid bodyblocking your team mates.
  • If you are trying to easily reach three stars, try playing Abaddon or Legion Commander (as both have a way to protect or heal themselves if they take damage) and a Shadow Blade. The extra move speed and ability to ignore the enemies make this part easy to complete in under 3 minutes and avoid the traps.
  • Recommend doing this before Bonemeal Ridge to make it much easier.
  • Movement speed is invaluable. Phase boots can be helpful to avoid unit collision. Wind Lace acts as a cheap source of movement speed. If you have it, the Pelt of the Old Wolf artifact is an even greater (and free) source of movement speed.
  • The first set of traps are activated when the rectangular steps are touched, so be sure to pause on the appropriate steps.
  • The last set of flame traps goes as follows: First set, go after the last flame trap of the set fires. Second set, go after the second group of flame traps pulse. Third set, go after the last flame trap fires to the second line, waiting there until the flame bolt passes and immediately proceeding as it does. Fourth set, wait for the full width pulses to begin and go after the 3 wide pulse finishes. Fifth set, wait for when all the traps fire together in a 4 wide pulse, then go during the pause that follows.

Bonemeal Ridge[]

Bonemeal Ridge
Siltbreaker Bonemeal Ridge Header.jpg
Were it not for their limited fondness for battle planning, the Bonemeal Ogres might have driven the Longclaw clan from the Weald a generation ago.
Quests Enemies
  • Rescue Captain Lightfoot in under 10:00 / 7:00 / 5:00.
  • Rescue 4 / 8 / 11 trapped soldiers.
  • Your team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.
  • The enemies across the map will come in squads. Defeat Bonemeal Ogres first as they power up Bonemeal Tanks.
  • Try not to clump up in the narrow paths, as this will put your team in danger of being hit by the Bonemeal Tanks' stunning club attack.
  • Bonemeal Tanks have a ranged hit and a melee slam around them. Both attacks stun.
  • If you are close enough to the Tank, it's club attack will hit over and behind you. Stay either very close to them or very far away, do not try to kite them, and only run away from them if they do their slam attack.
  • Properly managing your distance to club-wielding ogres can make this section very easy. In particular, it is much easier to run behind the Bonemeal Tanks to avoid their club strike. When you remain close, they will immediately begin to use their slam attack, which is easily avoided by stepping out of close range. By repeating this cycle, the enemy will spend more time alternating between its short range attack instead of zoning your team's ranged heroes with its club. Generally, melee heroes are suited to this role of "distracting" these enemies.
  • In order to get 3 star, you need to rescue all the Footmen before rescuing the captain, since rescuing the captain finishes the quest line.
  • Tips needed.

The Silkmire Pass[]

The Silkmire Pass
Siltbreaker The Silkmire Pass Header.jpg
It is uncertain whether the arachnid infestation on the old pilgrim's road was a cause of the Temple of Ermacor's abandonment or the result of it.
Quests Enemies
  • Find the exit to The Silkmire Pass in under 12:00 / 9:00 / 9:00 and slay Ankaboot.
  • Destroy 35 / 50 / 65 Brood Sacs.
  • Your team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.
  • You can skip the boss if you take the path to the next area to the southeast of the boss.
  • Tread carefully around the Brood Sacs. With a small amount of levels, activating Tiny's trample and walking through the sacks will summon the spiderlings, then instantly kill all of them when they touch Tiny.
  • Silkmire Marauders will try to stun a hero and drag him into the boss chamber. Even though it is not a permanent stun, the Marauder will try to drag the hero towards other Marauder who will continue the transport.
  • There is an ogre that was caught by Ankaboot's thread near the boss chamber. If you manage to free him, he will help you during the siege on the Shatterblast Canyon.
  • Ankaboot has a similar spell to Broodmother's Insatiable Hunger with the same sound cast. Try not to get hit while this is active, as it has an extremely large Lifesteal modifier.
  • Save your purges like Aphophic Shield and Press the Attack to get rid of disarms.
  • If your team gets hit with the spawn spiders projectile try and get your AoE spells to hit all of the spiders.
  • Macropyre and Maledict make this fight a lot easier.
  • You can run past Ankaboot's lair to use the shop and then come back to fight her after purchasing all your items. Note that if you go north into the next area you will not be able to complete the quest for killing Ankaboot.
  • One effective way to fight Ankaboot is to have your tank drag her out of her lair, since she has a maximum leash range. If the fight is going poorly, it will be easier to retreat and heal up before engaging her again.
  • Another effective way to fight her is to have the Bogdug's Cudgel artifact and attack speed items (such as Moon Shard) on a melee hero; this will allow you to permanently stun her, leading to an easy fight.
  • In case there's not much disables/purges, having a Bogdug's Baldric can prevent you from being dragged all the way to the boss's area.

Temple of Ermacor[]

Temple of Ermacor
Siltbreaker Temple of Ermacor Header.jpg
Long since the last prayer uttered to his name, the temple of Ermacor the Pathfinder bridges two lands separated by foreboding teeth of the world.
Quests Enemies
  • Find the exit to Kalabor in under 14:00 / 10:00 / 7:00.
  • Find 3 / 5 / 6 hidden treasures in the Temple.
  • Your team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.
  • Tread carefully as there are pressure plates that will set off traps when you run across them. An arrow is launched that will intercept you if you do not move in a perpendicular direction.
  • Tiny can Toss heroes around pressure plates.
  • The arrows launched from the traps in this area will instantly kill both players and enemies.
  • The larger gargoyles will become invulnerable in a manner similar to Visage's Familiars' Stone Form. This spell also launches a projectile which creates an acid spray on the floor which deals severe damage over time. Try to kill them quickly before they are able to use this ability.
  • When gargoyles are in an invulnerable state, arrows from traps will ignore them. Beware!
  • There are two Temple Guardian bosses at the end of the maze. Try to kill both at once, as a lone surviving one can become invulnerable and start dealing massive AoE blasts that deal high damage and are hard to dodge. If you have Witch Doctor in your team, try to get the two Temple Guardians close together to maledict them and spread your damage or use AoE abilities.
  • Try to split the guardians up and focus down one of them. This can be done by having one hero with high speed distract one as the rest of your team attacks the other. Once one of the Temple Guardians is dead, have your whole team attack the other one as your high-speed hero continues to dodge and distract it. Have your high-speed hero avoid attacking and continue to keep circling the lone surviving one since it will begin to attack faster.
  • The Temple Guardians can throw axes that will stun heroes. Channeling is liable to be interrupted, including resurrecting your team members.
  • The Temple Guardians' healing spell acts like Omniknight's Purify, so beware that it can inflict damage in at close range.
  • You can skip most of the danger and risk if you have a Tiny and just buy a ward to place on the ledge before you get into the first trap then throw your allies over to the pots and into the boss room directly.

The Road to Kalabor[]

The Road to Kalabor
Siltbreaker The Road to Kalabor Header.jpg
The bandit troop that preys upon Kalabor's shrinking population survives mainly off the dwindling haul from better days.
Quests Enemies
  • Reach Kalabor in under 9:00 / 5:00 / 3:00.
  • Your team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.
  • As soon as you see the large arrows, check high grounds nearby to find Sakabu Archers throwing them. Jakiro is useful to defeat them.
  • Brigwyr will move faster through the path if you give him a pair of boots and a Wind Lace icon.png Wind Lace.
  • Brigwyr will not aggro nearby enemies if affected by a player's Glimmer Cape icon.png Glimmer Cape.
  • Let a tank go ahead of Brigwyr to draw aggro from the incoming mobs.
  • Tiny can toss Brigwyr to a player and he will continue running toward the gate from the landing location.
  • The most important requirement for clearing this section is a hero with very high sustained DPS. If you aren't able to clear the enemies faster than they spawn, then Brigwyr will aggro onto enemies instead of running to the end (unless he is affected by a Glimmer Cape).
  • There will usually be a large number of archers in the final area of this mission which can kill players and Brigwyr very quickly. It is important that you clear out the archers as quickly as possible due to their high damage output.
  • Other than Rhyzik, this area is probably the most common place for players to lose the game. If you die, do not hesitate to buy back right away, because you will spawn right back at Brigwyr, and you'll have a chance to get more lives before fighting Rhyzik.

Kalabor Oasis[]

Kalabor Oasis
Siltbreaker Kalabor Oasis Header.jpg
Where once a sheltering oasis flourished, residents and travelers alike must now make do with sharing a single dirty well.

Kalabor Waste[]

Kalabor Waste
Siltbreaker Kalabor Waste Header.jpg
Even before the rise of Rhyzik's warlords, only the very experienced or foolish would travel the dunes of Kalabor alone.
Quests Enemies
  • Defeat the Centaur Warlords and find the Northern Outpost in under 14:00 / 10:00 / 7:00.
  • Defeat 4 / 6 / 8 of the Giant Sandswarm Burrowers.
  • Your team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.
  • This is the largest area on the map, with the most monsters. Return to town to sell and buy equipment if needed.
  • Due to this, consider taking on each group of monsters one by one.
  • Be wary of the Blade Mail on the centaurs and dodge the centaurs' remnants to avoid getting swarmed.
  • The Burrower has a long, slow moving Burrowstrike that is easy to avoid.
  • The bugs spawned by the Sandswarm Burrower explode, so deal with them quickly.
  • There are two chests in this area which spawn a monster that runs away and gives you gold every time you hit it. One is to the east of the first centaur in the area (this one can be bodyblocked by three heroes just below the ramp), and the other one is to the north of the last centaur. Make sure your team is ready before opening these chests to ensure that you get as much gold as possible from them.

Northern Outpost[]

Northern Outpost
Siltbreaker Northern Outpost Header.jpg
The northern outpost stands as the final bulwark against the flood of Rhyzik's forces into the inhabited regions of Kalabor and the lands beyond.

Shatterblast Canyon[]

Shatterblast Canyon
Siltbreaker Shatterblast Canyon Header.jpg
The size of Rhyzik's following and spread of his influence belies the Conclave's assumption that he had become dormant in Siltbreaker's absence.
Quests Enemies
  • Defeat the Buzzick Captains and find Rhyzik's Lair in under 4:00 / 2:30 / 1:30.
  • Your team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.
  • Be careful of the Searing Chains used by the Buzzick Captains. Having a hero with a way to dispel these is advised. It is also possible to avoid them if you have very quick reflexes, because the Buzzick Captains will stop moving and attacking for a split second before casting the chains.
  • The sun ray used by the Buzzick Captains does huge amounts of damage, but it halts its movement.
  • Focus the catapults before they stack up with the Buzzick Captains.
  • If you saved Burp in The Silkmire Pass, he will join your army here. He can tank for your team, and health pickups will also heal him.
  • If you are playing a higher movement speed Hero like Troll Warlord, You can go with Shadow blade, Heart and S&Y and can pull out all three golem to the kalabor waste you can kill them one by one. There you can get 3 star easily. If you died it won't count with zone. Thus you will get easy 3 star.

Rhyzik's Stronghold[]

Rhyzik's Stronghold
Siltbreaker Rhyzik's Stronghold Header.jpg
Rhyzik the Corruptor was created to strike the first blow when Siltbreaker expanded his doomed uprising to target dryland enemies.
Quests Enemies
  • Defeat Rhyzik in under 11:00 / 7:00 / 4:00.
  • Your team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.
  • Clear any Sandswarm mobs as soon as possible. The larger insects will explode on the players and deal large amounts of damage, while the smaller insects that run toward Rhyzik will heal him if they reach him.
  • Rhyzik is most vulnerable and deals the least damage when he is burrowed, and right after using his Frost Nova. Hit him as much as possible during this time.
  • Be sure to get additional movement speed before the fight in order to dodge his tornadoes and shockwaves.
  • The tornadoes will slow you to a crawl if they get directly on top of you, which will make it impossible to get away from them and most likely result in your death. If you have the rare Guardian Shell artifact, however, you will be unaffected by any slows.
  • Due to the locked camera, the shockwaves are much more difficult to dodge if you are to the north of Rhyzik than if you are to the south of him. Incidentally, the shockwaves will be easier to avoid the further you are away from Rhyzik, as the gaps between the projectiles will widen.
  • Rhyzik has high armor and evasion, so be sure to have MKBs on your DPS heroes.
  • Witch Doctor's Maledict plus additional magic damage and a Veil of Discord does huge damage to Rhyzik in controlled bursts.
  • Jakiro should use Macropyre on Rhyzik when he is burrowed to deal the maximum amount of damage.
  • It is faster to defeat Rhyzik with a team of 4 ranged DPS heroes if you are trying to speedrun the zone, especially with certain artifacts, but most players will find more success in defeating Rhyzik with a team of Witch Doctor, Jakiro, one tank, and one ranged DPS hero.
  • It might be tempting to stack armor reduction for Rhyzik, however, this is more than often a mistake as he has a very high base armor. With Rhyzik's armor being 90, the combined usage of an Assault Cuirass, Solar Crest, Desolator and Blight Stone (-24 armor) only nets between in a 4.5% increase in physical damage. As such, it is not ideal to pursue these items unless the team is entirely based on armor reduction (i.e. consists of Templar Assassin, Shadow Fiend, Tidehunter, and Dazzle). This best case scenario produces a total armor reduction of 91 which nets the range of 90.75% increase in physical damage, with these values dropping to 23% increase without the 22 armor contributed from the aforementioned items. Do note that while these values are far more respectable, this is the best case consideration meaning the max reduction from Weave (-30) was used and the armor reduction increasing talent for Gush was chosen, instead of the cooldown reduction.


  • Players obtain one respawn charge every time a checkpoint is passed, up to 5 charges.
  • Players can respawn one another by clicking on a fallen player's tombstone. This will consume a respawn charge.
  • Players can buy back, and respawn at the last checkpoint. This will consume two respawn charges.
  • A Life Rune can be picked up to gain an additional respawn charge.


  • A limited selection of heroes are available for this campaign.
  • Some heroes have altered abilities made specifically for this event.
  • Click on a hero's icon to see their custom stats and abilities for this event.
Attribute Heroes
Strength attribute symbol.png Strength Dragon Knight icon.png Legion Commander icon.png Omniknight icon.png Sven icon.png Tidehunter icon.png Tiny icon.png Treant Protector icon.png
Agility attribute symbol.png Agility Drow Ranger icon.png Gyrocopter icon.png Luna icon.png Shadow Fiend icon.png Templar Assassin icon.png Troll Warlord icon.png Viper icon.png Weaver icon.png
Intelligence attribute symbol.png Intelligence Dazzle icon.png Jakiro icon.png Leshrac icon.png Lina icon.png Windranger icon.png Witch Doctor icon.png Zeus icon.png
Removed Abaddon icon.png


  • Siltbreaker uses the default Dota 2 items, with a few tweaks. A couple of items are completely disabled, while a very few received modifications. Four new consumable items, three new tomes, 17 new permanent items (refered to as "Artifacts") and one quest item are added as drop-only items, and one special item is added as a purchasable gamble item.
  • Most buyable items can be found as drop-items after killing enemies or breaking environmental objects and opening chests.
  • They can also be purchased at various shops scattered across the campaign. Most items can be sold at shops.
  • Dropped items last for 30 seconds on the ground before they despawn. This excludes quest items, Life Runes and Artifacts.
  • Items are fully sharable with allies (including NPCs).

New items[]

These items cannot be purchased, but are dropped from enemies, except for the quest item.

Image Item Description
Siltbreaker Gold Bag icon.png Gold Bag Grants a set amount of gold to all players.
(instantly used on pick up)
Siltbreaker Health Potion icon.png Health Potion Restores 20% health to all players.
(instantly used on pick up)
Siltbreaker Mana Potion icon.png Mana Potion Restores 20% mana to all players.
(instantly used on pick up)
Siltbreaker Life Rune icon.png Life Rune Grants an additional life to the player that picked it up.
(instantly used on pick up)
Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.png Artifact Coin Used to purchase Artifacts.
Siltbreaker Book of Strength icon.png Book of Strength Permanently grants +3 Strength attribute symbol.png strength to the user.
Siltbreaker Book of Agility icon.png Book of Agility Permanently grants +3 Agility attribute symbol.png agility to the user.
Siltbreaker Book of Intelligence icon.png Book of Intelligence Permanently grants +3 Intelligence attribute symbol.png intelligence to the user.
Siltbreaker Orb of Passage icon.png Orb of Passage Quest item.

Dropped Inventory Items[]

Shop Consumables Icon.png Consumables Shop Attributes Icon.png Attributes Shop Armaments Icon.png Armaments Shop Arcane Icon.png Arcane Unknown.png Secret
Shop Common Icon.png Common Shop Support Icon.png Support Shop Caster Icon.png Caster Shop Weapons Icon.png Weapons Shop Armor Icon.png Armor Shop Artifacts Icon.png Artifacts

Secretive Shopkeeper[]

  • Two Secretive Shopkeepers are hidden across the map.
  • They sell Siltbreaker Gallaron's Gamble icon.png Gallaron's Gamble for 750 gold, which contain a random item, a trap, or an artifact.
Image Name Location Screenshot
Siltbreaker Dark Magus model.png The Dark Magus In the last section of the Trial of Gallaron, to the northeast of the orb,
there are four arcane fire traps pointed to the southwest.
Walk behind them into a dark corridor, and go right.
Siltbreaker Shopkeeper 1 Screen.jpg
In the Kalabor Waste, head northwest until you meet the cliff, just west of the ruins.
Cut a specific cactus to gain passage through a hole in the wall,
then continue west to find the Dark Magus.
Siltbreaker Shopkeeper 2 Screen.jpg

Unavailable Items[]

The following items cannot be purchased, built or found in this game mode:

Modified Items[]

All items are fully sharable with allies. Besides this, the following items have been further modified:

Image Item Modification
Battle Fury (4130) Battle Fury
  • Reduced cleave damage from 40% to 20%.
Enchanted Mango (65) Enchanted Mango
  • Can be sold.
Heart of Tarrasque (5000) Heart of Tarrasque
  • Reduced health regeneration from 7% to 1%.
Tango (90) Tango
  • Cannot be bought.


  • Artifacts can be used to provide various benefits in the campaign.
  • Artifacts are obtained in the armory as a cosmetic item by random drop in game. These items can then be equipped in-game via the artifacts tab next to the shop tab.
  • Owned Artifacts have to be bought with Artifact coins in-game. Artifact coins are acquired as random drops from enemies.
  • Artifacts appear as golden treasure boxes when dropped on the ground.
  • Artifacts are assigned and bound to a player upon dropping, and cannot be shared.
  • Artifacts are permanent and can be used across multiple games.
  • Artifacts from Act I can be used in Act II, and vice versa.
  • Players must be above a certain level for artifacts to function.
  • Click on an artifact's name to see more detailed mechanics and information.
Icon Name Level Required Effect Cost Drop Rate Dropped by
Siltbreaker Creed of Omniscience icon.png Creed of Omniscience 3 10 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins - Berzerker Hellbears (0.1%)
Longclaw Skinchangers (0.25%)
Treasure Chests (2%)
Gallaron's Gamble (4%)
Siltbreaker Oblivion's Locket icon.png Oblivion's Locket 4
  • Active: Spook - Become ethereal, immune to physical but taking 50% extra magic damage for up to 1 second.
    • Max Channel Time: 1
    • Magic Resistance Bonus: 50%
  • +5 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength
  • +5 Agility attribute symbol.png Agility
  • +5 Intelligence attribute symbol.png Intelligence
15 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins -
Siltbreaker Paw of Lucius icon.png Paw of Lucius 5
  • Passive: Rupture - Attacks have a 40% chance to inflict Rupture.
    • Proc Chance: 40%
    • Moved Distance as Damage: 40%
    • Duration: 5
  • +10 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength
  • +20 Attack speed
25 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 19.8% Siltbreaker Lucius Longclaw icon.png
Lucius Longclaw
Siltbreaker Pelt of the Old Wolf icon.png Pelt of the Old Wolf 6 30 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 9.9%
Siltbreaker Longclaw's Amulet icon.png Longclaw's Amulet 8 35 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 3.3%
Siltbreaker Bogdugg's Baldric icon.png Bogdugg's Baldric 10 40 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 19.8% Siltbreaker Bogdugg icon.png
Siltbreaker Bogdugg's Cudgel icon.png Bogdugg's Cudgel 13
  • Passive: Smash - MELEE ONLY - All attack speed is halved, but attacks deal splash damage in a 250 area around the target and stun for 1 second.
    • Smash Radius: 250
    • Self Attack Speed Reduction: 50%
    • Self Base Attack Time Reduction: 50%
    • Stun Duration: 1
  • +20 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength
  • +20 Attack damage
45 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 9.9%
Siltbreaker Bogdugg's Lucky Femur icon.png Bogdugg's Lucky Femur 12 50 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 3.3%
Siltbreaker Sign of the Arachnid icon.png Sign of the Arachnid 14
  • Passive: Arachnid Aura - Allies gain bonus movement and attack speed.
    • Radius: 900
    • Movement Speed Bonus: 15%
    • Attack Speed Bonus: 20
  • +15 Agility attribute symbol.png Agility
65 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 19.8% Siltbreaker Ankaboot icon.png
Siltbreaker Preserved Skull icon.png Preserved Skull 15
  • Passive: Conjuration Aura - Allies gain bonus mana regen and cooldown reduction.
    • Radius: 900
    • Cooldown Reduction: 10%
    • Mana Regeneration Bonus: 5
  • +15 Intelligence attribute symbol.png Intelligence
60 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 9.9%
Siltbreaker Unhallowed Icon icon.png Unhallowed Icon 15
  • Passive: Bloodbond Aura - Allies gain bonus health regeneration. When any unit affected by Unhallowed Icon attacks, 15% of the damage dealt is stolen as life and distributed among all affected by the aura.
    • Radius: 900
    • Linked Lifesteal: 15%
    • Health Regeneration Bonus: 10
  • +15 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength
75 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 3.3%
Siltbreaker Guardian Shell icon.png Guardian Shell 16
  • Passive: Unwavering - Movement Speed cannot be slowed and wearer cannot be rooted.
    • Slow Resistance: 100%
    • Root Resistance: 100%
  • +15 Armor
  • +40% Magic resistance
70 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 9.6% Siltbreaker Temple Guardian icon.png
Temple Guardian
Siltbreaker Watcher's Gaze icon.png Watcher's Gaze 17
  • Active: Stone Gaze: Enemies within your frontal cone are turned to stone and take additional physical damage.
    • Max Range: 800
    • Attack Damage Amplification: 50%
    • Stone Duration: 4
  • +20 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength
  • +20 Agility attribute symbol.png Agility
  • +20 Intelligence attribute symbol.png Intelligence
80 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 4.8%
Siltbreaker Treads of Ermacor icon.png Treads of Ermacor 18 90 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 1.6%
Siltbreaker Carapace of Qaldin icon.png Carapace of Qaldin 20
  • Passive: Acidic Regeneration - All mana and health gained are doubled, and a percentage of all damage taken is reflected back upon the attacker.
    • Health and Mana Regen Bonus: 100%
    • Damage Returned: 33%
  • +750 Health
  • +750 Mana
130 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 60% Siltbreaker Rhyzik icon.png
Siltbreaker Rhyzik's Eye icon.png Rhyzik's Eye 21 150 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 30%
Siltbreaker The Caustic Finale icon.png The Caustic Finale 23
  • Passive: Caustic Finale - Attacks reduce a percentage of the target's armor. This effect stacks up to 5 times. If the target dies under this effect, it explodes, dealing damage in an area of effect.
    • Damage Radius: 300
    • Damage: 300
    • Max Stacks: 5
    • Armor Reduction per Stack: 5%
    • Stack Duration: 3
  • +35 Attack speed
  • +150 Attack damage
170 Siltbreaker Artifact Coin icon.pngcoins 10%



  • Players with Battle Pass level 165 or higher will receive two Siltbreaker Rewards for every zone they complete with 3 stars.
  • Claiming the Level 165 Bonus Siltbreaker Treasures reward will retroactively grant bonus treasures for any zones that had been previously 3 starred.
Criteria Reward
1 Star 200 Battle Points
2 Stars 400 Battle Points
3 Stars


  • Like normal matches, players can receive drops after each game.
  • Players who complete the campaign will earn a special emoticon.


Main Article: Trophy
Name Description Trophy
Siltbreaker: Act I Sand Stormer Awarded for defeating the final boss during Act I of the Siltbreaker campaign. Siltbreaker Act I Trophy 1.png Siltbreaker Act I Trophy 2.png Siltbreaker Act I Trophy 3.png
1 Star (50) 2 Stars (100) 3 Stars (150)


Icon Name Activity Battle Points
Siltbreaker Achievement Note.png SECRET RECIPE Find all 11 Gastromancer Notes in Siltbreaker: Act I 500
Siltbreaker Achievement Heroes.png THRICE WENT ROUND Complete Siltbreaker: Act I with 3 different heroes 250
Siltbreaker Achievement Heroes.png THE EIGHTFOLD PATH Complete Siltbreaker: Act I with 8 different heroes 500
Siltbreaker Achievement Heroes.png MOB BOSS Complete Siltbreaker: Act I with 14 different heroes 1000
Siltbreaker Achievement Stars.png I GOT THIS MANY Earn 20 stars in a single playthrough of Siltbreaker: Act I 500
Siltbreaker Achievement Stars.png MORE IS BETTER Earn 25 stars in a single playthrough of Siltbreaker: Act I 1000
Siltbreaker Achievement Stars.png NO STAR TOO FAR Earn 30 stars in a single playthrough of Siltbreaker: Act I 2000
Siltbreaker Achievement Shopkeeper.png FROM THE GREAT MYSTERY Find the Secretive Shopkeeper 500
Total Possible Points: 6,250
(6 levels)

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