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Siltbreaker is a multiplayer campaign for owners of The International 2017 Battle Pass. It comes in two Acts. Teams of four players engage in a mission to complete objectives in an action role-playing environment. Battle Points and other rewards are given out depending on performance. It ended on September 18, 2017


Click on each Act's page for detailed information on its zones and enemies.

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Artifact Coins[]

  • Artifact Coins are consumed to activate your existing Artifacts in game.
  • Artifact Coins are earned for completing zones and can be found as drops from enemies.
  • Artifact Coins persist between play sessions.
  • Artifacts found during a game do not require a cost in that game, and there is no Act restriction on Artifacts.

Adventure Mode[]

Adventure Mode is a casual mode that allows players to explore the Siltbreaker acts on an easier setting.

  • Players start with more lives.
  • Enemies have less health.
  • Enemies deal less damage.
  • Star awards, achievements and artifacts are disabled in Adventure Mode.


  • Many enemies in this campaign use custom equipment models meant for heroes.
  • This campaign's internal name was Eul's Dungeon.[1]
  • The campaign has been announced to be playable at the end of May, but was delayed by a week.[2]