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Shard Golem
Shard Golem
Shard Golem model.png
Shard Golem icon.png
Summoned Neutral Creep
Level 4
Duration Ability Duration 60
Armor Armor 0
Magic Resistance 30%
Status Resistance 0%
Attack Damage ▶️ Default
10 ‒ 14
Attack Range Melee 100
Acquisition Range 500
Attack Speed 0.75 attack(s) per second. 150 • 2s BAT
Attack Animation 0.3+0.5
Projectile Speed Instant
Movement Speed ▶️ 310 (100)
Turn Rate Takes 0.209s to turn 180°. 0.5
Collision Size 24
Vision Range (G) 800
Bounty Gold 812
Experience 18
Model Scale 0.7
Abilities Hurl Boulder
Source Shard Split

Shard Golem is a neutral creep found in:


Hurl Boulder
Hurl Boulder (Mud Golem) icon.png
Hurls a boulder at the target, damaging and stunning them. Golems do not do this, unless commanded to.
Cast Animation: 0.3+0.6
Cast Range: 800
Hero Damage: 75
Non-Hero Damage: 150
Stun Duration: 0.6
Cooldown: 30
Blocked by Linken's Sphere.
Blocked upon impact.
Modifiers [?]
"Why do they hesitate? What are they afraid of throwing?"


  • The projectile travels at a speed of 800.
  • The boulder first applies the debuff, then the damage.
  • As a neutral unit:
    • The golem occasionally casts this at random nearby enemies.
    • The golems do not chain their casts on the same target.
  • As a player controlled unit:
    • No restrictions.
  • Has a cast backswing of 0.8 when cast by Doom minimap icon.png Doom (acquired through Devour).
  • Has a cast backswing of 1.07 when cast by Rubick minimap icon.png Rubick (acquired through casting Spell Steal on Doom).