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Shadow Shaman minimap icon.png Rhasta, the Shadow Shaman
Born in the Bleeding Hills, Rhasta was just a starving youngling when picked up by a travelling con-man. For two pins of copper, the old con-man would tell your fortune. For three, he'd castrate your pig, for five, he'd circumcise your sons. For a good meal, he'd don his shaman garb, read from his ancient books, and lay a curse upon your enemies. His strange new youngling, part hill troll, part…something else, worked as assistant and lent an air of the exotic to the con-man's trade.

Always one step ahead of cheated customers, one town ahead of a pursuing patronage, the two trekked across the blighted lands until one day the con-man realized that the little youngling could actually do what he only pretended at. His ward had a gift—a gift that customers valued. And so the youngling Rhasta was thrust before the crowds, and the trade-name Shadow Shaman was born. The two continued from town to town, conjuring for money as Shadow Shaman's reputation grew. Eventually, the pair's duplicitous past caught up with them, and they were ambushed by a mob of swindled ex-clients. The con-man was slain, and for the first time, Rhasta used his powers for darkness, massacring the attackers. He buried his beloved master, and now uses his powers to destroy any who would seek to do him harm.
Shadow Shaman
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Heroes Naga Siren minimap icon.png Naga Siren
Dark Willow minimap icon.png Dark Willow
Races Troll
Places Bleeding Hills
Characters Rhasta's Master
  • Rhasta regards himself as an intermediary between living and dead, as well as a "messenger of those gone by".[1][2] These descriptions hint at some sort of communication with the world of the dead. He communes with the spirits of ancestors, as well as the "shades", who direct him across the world and grants him strength.[3]
  • Rhasta often chants in an unknown language.[4]
  • Rhasta continues to tell fortunes, like he did when traveling with his old master.[5]
  • Rhasta makes several references to drums, including hearing his own personal drumbeat.[6]
  • Rhasta has connections with several esoteric figures or cults, including the Tang-Ki, and the Eki Bukaw.
  • Rhasta also knows an ancient spell for curing insomnia: by turning the afflicted into sheep.[7]
  • When Rhasta was traveling with his Rhasta's Master, he delighted and shocked crowds with jolts of lightning, charmed dangerous snakes, and amused them by turning himself into a chicken at the end of each performance.[8]Hex description.</ref>[9] After the old con-man was slain, he turned his magical tricks to deadly forms of self-defense. He also developed a method of holding enemies in place with magical bonds.[10]
  • Rhasta has a business relationship with Mireska, due to their backgrounds as scam artists.[13]

The Sordid Era[]

Like the other shamans of his day, Rhasta traveled from town to town, peddling his services to all manners of peoples. But by near the end of the Sordid Era, the reputation of itinerant shamans had fallen into disrepute. Magicians like Rhasta were blamed for diseases and poor harvests, leading to their persecution and execution. Fearing for his life, Rhasta hid his shamanic powers, disguising himself as a vagabond, while performing the same services the old con-man once had. Should anyone ask about his skills, he claimed he had merely learned them on the road as a wanderer.[14] His master's advice stayed with him, and he wore a wide-brimmed hat, as well as banners on his back that clearly displayed the services he offered, in case of any confusion that may lead to hostilities with distrustful villagers.[15] While on the road, he brewed a potent drink, which he kept in a bottle by his side, toxic to everyone except himself.[16]

The Serpent Priest[]

Rhasta's enemies piled up as he killed his pursuers, attracting even more powerful foes to seek him out. To avoid his, he went into hiding below the earth, but did not find sanctuary there either. Instead, he was met by Gliss, a lordly serpent priest who desired his powers, and tried to attack him with a cursed decanter. Rhasta had no choice but to kill Gliss, and later acquired the priest's censer for himself.[17]

Friendships and rivalries[]

Allies meeting Shadow Shaman

Enemies killing Shadow Shaman


  • ▶️ Oracle minimap icon.png r Vexed and hexed by fortune's shackles shall ye be.


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