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Shabarra Lore.png
Associated With
Heroes Mirana
Davion of Dragon Hold Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Davion
Lina minimap icon.png Lina
Luna minimap icon.png Luna
Races Human
Places Helio Imperium
Gods Sherzi
Characters Gwanwyn
Artifacts Eye of the Worldwyrm

God Emperor Shabarra is a character exclusive to the series of Dota: Dragon's Blood. He was the previous sovereign of the Helio Imperium. An aberration to the Divine Throne, he was only a God Emperor by name and possessed no divine power.[1]


  • Possibly because of his lack of divine power, Shabarra was a very insecure person. Viceroy Kashurra (suspiciously) knew this all along and imparted his knowledge of the false God Emperor's weakness to Mirana when giving her advice on ruling the Helio Imperium.


Helio Imperium[]

Viceroy Kashurra was his court advisor. He was very loyal to him, although this was just a sham that he maintained for many years.

Shabarra is the uncle of Mirana minimap icon.png Mirana. He arranged a conventional marriage with said cousin to gain power but this never came to fruition, as he was simply slain by an enraged Slyvion who dropped him to his death after he refused to give Davion the Eye of the Worldwyrm.


Luna minimap icon.png Luna, the Scourge of the Plains, is an enemy of the state because of her attacks against Helio Imperium troops.


  • Before the show aired, promotional posters of Book 2 that featured him were released. Due to his appearance and the lack of information on this character's identity, Shabarra was jokingly referred to as "Jesus" by the community.


  1. DOTA: Dragon's Blood, Book 2, Episode 5: The Burial of the Dead
    Slyvion: God Emperor Shabarra. You don't smell like a god.
    Shabarra: I...I can't. I can't give you or anyone the Eye.
    *Slyvion holds him out further, threatening to drop him from lethal heights*
    Shabarra: Please! When I took the throne, I performed the ritual, but nothing happened. I wasn't worthy. If the Imperium learns the truth, there will be civil war.
    *Slyvion gets shot with a crossbow bolt from a Praetorian Guard, but it does little to harm him*
    Slyvion: Slaughter one another.
    *Slyvion releases his grasp, letting Shabarra fall to his death*