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Source: 9/29 Update

Patch Notes


  • Enabled Juggernaut!
  • Fixed various bugs with visual effects being visible through Fog of War
  • Fixed being able to buyback while you're reincanating
  • Changed Pudge's hook to pull back units he kills with it
  • Various network optimizations and responsiveness improvements
  • Fixed Dark Ritual not being castable on some units
  • Fixed Backtrack being able to avoid unique attack effects
  • Fixed bugs with Ice Blast and Refresher Orb
  • Fixed a potential bug with initial Malefice as the target moves into fog
  • Fixed Beastmaster's bird and beast selection hitboxes
  • Fixed heroes being able to get stuck between a building and a rock in the Dire base
  • Fixed a recent bug with Weaver's Swarm vision and attack priority
  • Fixed a recent bug that caused Weaver to not breaking invis when attacking
  • Fixed fountain vision range
  • Fixed Paralyzing Casks bounce delay
  • Fixed Assassinate ministun interaction with BKB
  • Fixed some hitboxes on Dire trees
  • Fixed various crashes


  • Hovering over your damage/armor area will show a placeholder tooltip that has information about your movement speed, attack speed, etc
  • Moved buyback cost to the gold tooltip
  • New day/night display
  • You can now move items inside the inventory / stash while dead
  • Added "out of range" cast cursor
  • Hero portrait turns grayscale when you die
  • Fixed an inventory combine bug where the courier would fail to deliver all items
  • Fixed cooldown value in abilities sometimes showing a value larger than the max cooldown length
  • Improvements to dashboard chat UI
  • The global Dota channel has been removed. You are now joined to a regional based channel based on your geo-location
  • Spectators via Dota TV can now draw and ping on the screen. These won't be sent to other players and are only there so people casting can use them as tools to point things out
  • Map pings the minimap locations of the side and secret shops when a user tries to buy from those shops without being in range
  • Fixed being able to disassemble an item and sell the components for their sellback price
  • Matchmaking will ask players to ready up once it has found them a game. A sound will be played and the taskbar will flash if the player is alt-tabbed
  • Matchmaking now displays the number of players in your region and skill when searching for a game
  • Visual representation of your search range increasing over time
  • Team score is always show on the top bar now
  • Fixed heroes being deselected for a brief period when they die
  • Fixed hitch that happened when holding down middle mouse in directed mode
  • Fixed an issue where agility/armor/attack speed wasn't displayed properly until combat started
  • Fixed attempting to join matchmaking with a party if any member is already in a game
  • Fixed HTML tags in player names
  • Fixed some camera getting stuck bugs while spectating a game
  • Various tooltip updates
  • Added current Attributes Level to the attributes stats tooltip
  • Reduced All Pick hero picker time (you can still pick after this time, but the in-game timer for creep spawn will be running)
  • Fixed an issue where players reconnecting would sometimes not get the other teams tower and hero status on join
  • Corrected background sound option from being inverted
  • Spectators now get the correct fog of war visible state while joining mid-game


  • Show a gold gained particle effect when players sell an item
  • Polish pass on Dire side juke paths
  • Fixed cast fx/sounds being spammable on nevermore/zeus ultimates
  • New placeholder sideshops & secretshops
  • Hooked up end-game camera. Still a work in progress


  • Day/Night sounds added
  • Updated hero select underscore music
  • Re-encoded Sven VO to get rid of pops/clicks at end of files
  • Added death music
  • Added Dire victory music
  • BKB sound update
  • Soul Ring sound update
  • Fixed a bug with voice chatting
  • Combat log has been enabled, but is not functional in spectator mode.