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Source: 9/16 Patch

Patch Notes



  • Fixed a small error in the calculation of physical armor for heroes.
  • Fixed Waveform vision.
  • Fixed Power Cogs from pulling in allied units.
  • Fixed Life Drain instantly filling pugna's life when used on illusions.
  • Fixed Amplify Damage on mechanical units
  • Fixed Corrosive Skin to happen at the start of the attack animation rather than at the end of
  • Fixed Homing Missile hitting magic immune
  • Fixed Morph Replicate illusion being able to lose its identity if it gets cycloned
  • Fixed Nether Swap not destroying trees around the two locations
  • Fixed Toss not destroying trees
  • Fixed Nether Ward bounty always being stuck at level 1.
  • Fixed hero alliance errors.


  • Fixed Smoke of Deceit being dispelled agaisnt illusions.
  • Couriers can no longer pick up the Aegis.


  • Some Fog of War fixes.
  • Fixed a lot of pathing issues around tower.
  • Fixed some selection issues with the flying courier.
  • Fixed a bug where characters who had model changes (such as Tiny when using Grow) would not have their selection boxes updated to match the new model.
  • Matchmaking is undergoing some development in the coming weeks, so games may take a little longer to fill (up to 5 minutes).
  • Fixed channeled abilities getting immediately interrupted if you gave an order to the unit while the unit was in the channeled ability's cast animation. The order will now be followed once the channel completes.
  • Now if you give an attack or move order to multiple units, any units in your selection that are currently channeling will wait for the channel to complete before executing the order, instead of interrupting the channel to execute the order immediately.
  • Fixed some spells with projectile dodging due to invisibility.
  • You can now target-cast cast-attacks while disarmed (e.g. Frost Arrows while under Frost Bite).
  • Fixed gold values to stay at max instead of looping back to 0.
  • Fixed neutral selection issues.


  • Fixed animations set while the unit was dormant not properly being transmitted to the client.
  • Changed how we do flying z-deltas, we now smoothly interpolate both up and down.
  • Lowered the flying height somewhat.
  • After a delay, heroes now sink under the ground.


  • You can now select which region you want to matchmake under
  • Shop tab reorganization. Main shop split into basics and upgrades, subtabs below that for individual pages.
  • You can now buy items with hotkeys. Invoking the shop with the shift key held down opens it in hotkey mode. Regular mode does not respond to or display hotkeys.
  • Alt+Key binds are now supported.
  • Fixed not being able to query units by clicking on them while spectating a game.
  • Fixed a case where the quick buy sticky slot showed the wrong purchasable state.
  • Fixed unlearnable abilities like Templar Assassin's Trap always appearing as not learned
  • Fixed an exploit with using Disassemble on Illusion inventory items
  • Removed arbitrary lines in the healthbar art, now ticks will draw clearer.
  • 1000 mark tick now draws slightly thicker than 250 mark.
  • Inventory items can now show 0 charges, eg Urn of Shadows.


  • Fixed respawn music not properly starting at the correct time on dedicated servers.
  • Added battle music.
  • Added explore music.


  • Fixed server crash that happens if you tried to toggle your Ring of Basilius when its aura had been purged/removed (aura is also no longer purgeable).