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Patch Notes

Dota 2 Reborn

  • Added Dota Levels system, described here.
  • Improved input latency in more cases
  • Reduced memory usage
  • Added Tournaments section for browsing tournaments, viewing live tournament matches, and watching tournament replays
  • Enabled Treasury
  • Added the ability to have multiple armory filters (and adjusted filters UI)
  • Armory filters are now automatically saved to the SteamCloud
  • Fixed Dire icon.png Dire mid ramp being slightly too wide
  • Improved selection boxes on various units
  • Various improvements to the watch section with support for the "Watch Later" feature
  • Enabled purchasing from marketplace
  • Fixed various crashes
  • Added controls showing all items in your shuffle, and added an Equip control which will set your shuffle to contain just that item
  • Fixed many default global items not having correct icons in the loadout screens
  • Added Templar Assassin minimap icon.png Templar Assassin's armor slot
  • Fixed speech not playing for item purchases
  • The Custom Games UI now displays if a game has dedicated server support.
  • Fixed a crash in Ability Draft mode.
  • Equipping new cursor packs while in-game will now correctly change the cursor pack
  • Fixed a bug where the default wards would appear on the loadout screens of other item types, for example the music loadout page
  • Fixed a bug where some hero bio text was being cut off, for example Oracle minimap icon.png Oracle's
  • Improved the preview of loading screen items
  • Improved layout of large 3D view in 4x3 aspect ratio windows
  • Demo mode now properly supports HUD skin, weather, and cursor packs
  • Fixed a crash when demoing global items you already own
  • Fixed a bug in Demo mode where some couriers wouldn't appear with the correct particle systems, for example the Wyvern Hatchling
  • Made it so that customizing the effigy items wouldn't change your currently equipped items
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't select a different hero to make an effigy from
  • Fixed a bug where the customize screen wasn't correctly previewing all selected items
  • Default announcers, music packs, etc. no longer show multiple times
  • Fixed a bug with couriers with multiple styles sometimes not showing the right materials, for example the Wyvern Hatchling
  • Fixed global loadout item shuffle: it now will randomly select items within the shuffle instead of the last one selected in the loadout screen
  • Fixed a crash when going to the loadout screen, then to a different page, then changing the window aspect ratio
  • Fixed some cases where stats would display incorrectly in custom games
  • Remade the Trophy system and added new trophies.
  • Added hero entry and particles for Arc Warden minimap icon.png Arc Warden.
  • Increased Skywrath Mage minimap icon.png Skywrath Mage's In the Bag taunt proc chance from 10% to 25%.
  • Updated Tinker minimap icon.png Tinker's Laser tooltip.
  • Added strings related to the Dota 2 Major Fall 2015.


  • The Defense 5 tournament tier changed from Professional to Premium.

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