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Patch notes

Update 2

  • Fixed Chronosphere not revealing Techies mines
  • Fixed Flying Courier being affected by Land Mines
  • Fixed how Suicide Squad Attack kills Techies
  • Fixed Land Mines having bounties
  • Fixed Techies spells interaction with Siege units
  • Fixed Suicide Squad Attack hurting Ancients
  • Fixed Techies Legacy keys
  • Fixed being unable to return items to an allied stash if he had too many in it
  • Fixed various tooltips
  • Updated Techies recommended items
  • Fixed Techies not suiciding through Shallow Grave
  • Added a buff indicator for Land Mines count
  • Fixed Techies mine damage source
  • Fixed flying units not being affected by Land Mines
  • Fixed Pin Point detonate triggering Magic Stick chargees
  • Fixed bot related issues
  • Fixed Stasis Trap activation timing
  • Adjusted Remote Mines size based on level
  • Fixed various spells and abilities being able to affect Techies Mines
  • Fixed Techies Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter range indicator
  • Fixed Rubick minimap icon.png Rubick's cast behavior with Mines
  • Fixed Land Mine and Stasis Trap not blocking Neutral Spawning
  • Fixed Bot behavior with Dust of Appearance icon.png Dust of Appearance against Techies Mines
  • Fixed Stasis trigger AOE
  • Fixed Land Mine and Suicide radius calculation
  • Fixed Land Mines and Stasis Trap not providing vision after usage
  • Fixed Remote Mines remaining in selection after detonation
  • Added the ability to cast ground targeted spells via the portrait
  • Fixed some selection group issues with Remote Mines
  • Fixed Minefield Sign ability proccing Magic Stick
  • Fixed Techies hitbox
  • Fixed Stasis Trap hitbox
  • Fixed Remote Mines/Detonate using wrong animations
  • Fixed Bloodstone icon.png Bloodstone interaction with Suicide Squad Attack
  • Rubick minimap icon.png Rubick can no longer cast more than the max number of Land Mines or Psionic Traps

Update 3

  • Minefield Sign is now an ability on Techies (Arcana will receive a new cosmetic item for this ability)
  • Items will now drop to the floor when returning items into a full stash
  • Fixed Nether Ward damage timing when Suicide is cast
  • Fixed Rubick minimap icon.png Rubick being unable to steal Suicide
  • Fixed Techies not getting XP when he kills heroes with his Mines
  • Added AoE indicator for casting Stasis
  • Fixed Techies wards not having XP bounty
  • Fixed Land Mine not affecting Tombstone
  • Improved Land Mine's behavior with fast moving units
  • Fixed Curse of Avernus affecting Mines
  • Updated Techies recommended items
  • Fixed Vendetta, Shadow Blade icon.png Shadow Blade and Shadow Walk affecting wards
  • Fixed Remote Mines not playing sounds when destroyed via an attack
  • Land Mine buff counter is now visible to allies only
  • Fixed some issues with Portrait casting
  • Fixed Rubick minimap icon.png Rubick Detonate only destroying one mine
  • Fixed Legacy Keys
  • Fixed All Hero Challenge counting wins in games that didn't get counted
  • Fixed All Hero Challenge covering up the Accept button
  • Fixed various tooltips

Update 4

  • Custom Lobbies with more than 10 players now require Spectating to be enabled.
  • Fixed various tooltips
  • Changed Minefield ability slot
  • Fixed Legacy Key for Minefield ability
  • Fixed Drow Ranger minimap icon.png Drow Ranger hit box
  • Fixed Remote Mine and Detonate animations
  • Fixed Tab cycling through Minefield Sign
  • Fixed some abilities being able to interact with Minefield Sign
  • Fixed direct Kill orders going through to certain abilities incorrectly if the killer is the same as the person dying (e.g. Suicide vs Fatal Bonds)
  • Fixed a case where items in the stash were applying modifiers to heroes as they respawned ( eg Gem being usable while in the stash )
  • Techies' Land Mines always spawn with the same rotation


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