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Patch Notes

  • Updated localization files.

Ability Draft

Dota Plus

  • Added new quests that offer a total of 115,200 Shards over this season.
  • Added the Nemestice 2021 Battle Pass chat wheel sounds to the Shard Shop.
  • Added Neutral Item Suggestions and Quickbuy Recommendations to the Dota Pluss Item Assistant.
  • Updated guild rewards:
    • Silver tier: Emoticon euls.gif - Emoticon fasta.gif - Emoticon hoodwink sad.gif
    • Gold tier: TI9 Spray Lion Zap.png - TI10 Spray morphling.png - TI8 Spray Furbolg Highfive.png
    • Platinum tier:

Seasonal Treasure

  • Contains:

Other changes

Update 2

  • Fixed not being able to pick up neutral items after sending them to the stash.