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Patch Notes

Dota 2 Reborn

  • Added full support for the 64 bit Dota client
  • Improved input processing latency
  • Inventory items can now be tagged with custom tags allowing for more powerful filtering options
  • Enabled Autoexec.cfg support
  • Started rolling out community created custom games on Valve dedicated servers
  • All Source 1 content (items, music packs, etc) is now in Source 2
  • Increased custom game maximum map size to support 32k on each axis (2x larger on each axis)
  • Added additional Open Mic voice options in the Settings panel
  • Fixed various bugs with Control Groups not loading and saving correctly
  • Mouse button keybindings will now display correctly in the settings dialog
  • Enabled the All Hero Challenge panel (accessible via the profile)
  • Fixed additional cases where global items could become unequipped
  • Improved hero loading speed in various game modes
  • Improved the time it takes to perform the initial update when connecting to a game server
  • Add settings option to control whether the console is enabled or not
  • Added force right-click attack to the settings dialog
  • Added spectator smooth drag to the settings dialog
  • Added effigies in the Global Items panel
  • Weather effect default items now appear correctly
  • Fixed various crashes
  • Reworked how projectiles are sent from the server to be more resilient to packet loss
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to take too long to time out, and thus be unable to reconnect quickly
  • Fixed various issues with Voice Chat
  • Fixed being unable to enter the game after being automatically randomed a hero in Ranked All Pick
  • Fixed a rare case where item combining could cause items to be destroyed
  • Friends list is now sorted correctly
  • Fixed an issue where spectating would sometimes never finish loading
  • Allow editing of the profile card options from your own profile page
  • Fixed some cases of particles not being destroyed correctly
  • Fixed some cases of particle effect models flickering; for example Tusk minimap icon Tusk's Ice Shards icon Ice Shards
  • Visage minimap icon Visage's Familiars will now display their ambient particles
  • Fixed Scepter upgraded Demonic Purge being refreshable
  • Winter's Curse icon Winter's Curse and Reaper's Scythe icon Reaper's Scythe will not prevent Aghanim's upgraded Wraith King minimap icon Wraith King's Reincarnation icon Reincarnation
  • Fixed some cases where trying to purge invisibility effects would cause visual flickering
  • Improved the selection boxes on Winter Wyvern minimap icon Winter Wyvern
  • Fixed some cases where incoming voice would affect the audio even when voice volume was set to zero
  • Fixed a bug with reconnecting during ARDM
  • Improved rendering performance on Global Items panel
  • Fixed a bug where SendCustomGameEventToServer wouldn't work correctly on Valve dedicated servers
  • Added SendCustomMessageToTeam scripting function
  • AddCommand bindings are now cleared between games
  • Implemented the player_chat game events
  • PhysicalArmorBaseValue and BaseMagicalResistanceValue are now networked
  • Fixed a bug where setting certain style properties via Javascript could stomp other properties (e.g. setting would stomp
  • Added the ability to specify the size of a new tile grid or resize an existing tile grid
  • Added shadow filtering for sfm lights, controllable by shadowFilterSize control
  • Added DepthBias and SlopeScaleDepthBias controls to sfm lights
  • Added ambientIntensity control to sfm lights
  • Increased max sfm light count to 32 (max shadowed light count is still 16)
  • Implemented ambient occlusion in sfm
  • Workshop tools are now an optional DLC
  • Removed The International Compendium 2015 from the UI.
  • Fixed selectable styles for El Gato and Smeevil.
  • Removed Trove Carafe 2015 and Lockless Luckvase 2015 from the Dota 2 Store.


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