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Selemene (Dragon's Blood)
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Associated With
Heroes Invoker minimap icon.png Invoker
Luna minimap icon.png Luna
Mirana of Nightsilver Mirana minimap icon.png Mirana
Marci minimap icon.png Marci
Terrorblade minimap icon.png Terrorblade
Races Elves
Factions Coedwei
Dark Moon Order
Places Coedwig
Helio Imperium
Invoker's Tower
Nightsilver Woods
Temple of Mene
Gods Fymryn
Characters Filomena
Species Filomena
Artifacts Moon Goddess' Lotuses
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Selemene was once a mortal who stole the power of Mene, the old goddess of the moon, and since then had usurped her Temple of Mene. It is unknown how she relates to Mene [1]. As there is an elf cult worshipping Mene still, during events of the anime, Selemene angered by Fymryn's theft, decides on eradication of the old faith with the help of her troops.

In her mortal life Invoker minimap icon.png Invoker and she had a child named Filomena whom she refused to save after her ascension.



  1. DOTA: Dragon's Blood | Meet the Heroes (4:67)
  2. DOTA: Dragon's Blood, Book 1, Episode 3: Neverwhere Land
    Fymryn: A thousand years ago, deep in the Nightsilver Woods, the Sun shut her eyes and the moon turned to blood.
    Elf Girl: Did it hurt?
    Fymryn: It made her weak.
    Elf Boy: Mene, Goddess of the Moon.
    Fymryn: Yes. Ssh. Listen now. The night turned red, and our goddess was trapped in shadow by Selemene.
    Elf Boy: Selemene, the Dark Moon Goddess.
    Elf Girl: Mene is still inside the shadow?
    Fymryn: She is.
    Elf Girl: Can she get out?
    Elf Girl: Why? Why did Selemene do that?
    Fymryn: Selemene wanted worship from the Coriel'tauvi. Punished anyone who wouldn't call her Goddess.
    Elf Girl: But some elves, they did say her prayers to her? To Selemene?
    Fymryn: Yes, some did. Some still do.
    Elf Girl: But she's evil.
    Fymryn: That's how evil works sometimes.
    Elf Boy: But—
    *The boy gets silenced by Fymryn who places her forefinger on his lips*
    Fymryn: Selemene banished anyone who wouldn't pray to her, far from our home in the Nightsilver Woods, into the darkest corners of the world.
    *Fymryn gazes upon the Elven shrine that was once dedicated to Mene*
    Fymryn: Our true Goddess left this world, but everyday we worship Mene, so one day she'll come back to us.
    *The elven children and Fymryn raise their arms high and pray in unison, saying "Praise the Moon of Mene" in prayerful tones*
    Elf Boy: But if Mene is dead, how does she come back?
    Fymryn: Through belief. Worship. What is divine may never die. You see, Mene left a gift for us in the Temple. Her magical lotuses.
    Elf Boy: Presents? But they're just flowers.
    Fymryn: Special flowers. She lived for her flowers, so when he lays the flowers on the earth, she will return.
    Elf Boy: Uhh...who is "he"?
    Fymryn: "He" is a man with spectacular knowledge and power. A sorcerer.
    Elf Girl: Does he have a name?
    Fymryn: He doesn't. He lives in a miraculous tower, tucked in the valley of the highest mountains. And that's where I will go. And I will bring him these.
    *Fymryn opens her bag, containing the magical lotuses that she stole from the usurper's temple. The children gather around the magic lotuses and gaze in wonder*
    Elf Boy: The presents! *gasps* You're going to bring back Mene. You're going to take us home!
    Elf Girl: I don't wanna go home. I want more story!
    Fymryn: *chuckles* Don't worry. There's plenty left to tell.
  3. DOTA: Dragon's Blood, Book 2, Episode 7: The Violet Hour
    Invoker: Beliefs change. Trust breaks. Faith endures. For a thousand years, the exiled Coriel'tauvi knew darkness. Mene was gone. Slain. Yet her people still worshipped. They loved. They offered faith to dark shrines in remembrance of a dead goddess. But love is a powerful magic. It is the highest form of worship. Divine. Even in the absence of a deity. Love for our goddess found echo in the sparks Selemene had stolen. Over time, Mene's echo took form. It became manifest. A physical expression of pure, collective will. Need. Love. It became a child. It became you.
    Fymryn: I just...I have abilities.
    Invoker: The goddess' abilities. Weakened to be sure, but they are hers.