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Associated with
Heroes Mirana minimap icon.png Mirana
Luna minimap icon.png Luna
Centaur Warrunner minimap icon.png Centaur Warrunner
Mars minimap icon.png Mars
Races Stars
Factions Dark Moon Order
Dark Moon Horde
Places Nightsilver Woods
Temple of Mene
Shrine of Selemene
Characters Lunar Moth
Items Grove Bow icon.png Grove Bow
Moon Shard icon.png Moon Shard
Cosmetics Andalmere the Litigon
Mei Nei the Jade Rabbit
Axia of Metira

Selemene is the goddess of the moon. She is worshiped by Mirana minimap icon.png Mirana and Luna minimap icon.png Luna. The ancient Nightsilver Woods is dedicated to her, and contains her private reserve of glowing lotuses, growing in silvery pools.[1] Selemene is associated with the Lunar Moth, although the precise nature of this relationship is unclear.

Names and forms[]

In other cultures, she is possibly represented by avatars like Mei Nei, a rabbit who replenishes wounded and weary warriors.[2]


Having control over the moon and its energies, Selemene imbues her followers' weapons with lunar energy, smites their enemies with moon beams, and shroud the land in shadow.[3][4] In times of great need, the goddess descends into the world, and obscures the sun with a lunar eclipse to aid her champions in battle.[5] She is also able to bless her followers with similar powers, including animal companions like Andalmere, the Lion of the Moon.[6]

The Dark Moon Order[]

A sect of warriors, the Dark Moon Order, worships and devotes themselves to Selemene's service. Residing in the Nightsilver Woods, they find and initiate new members into the order as Selemene demands. One such initiate was Luna, the Moon Rider. Having found herself at the edge of the forest, Luna was put through a trial, during which an enormous feline beast sparred with her, and led her to a moonlit hill.

Those who refuse to join the Dark Moon are forbidden to return to the Nightsilver Woods.[7]

Holy Sites[]

The Temple of Mene is dedicated to Selemene. Mirana, having abandoned her kingdom to serve Selemene, sometimes prays at the temple, where she receives prophetic visions.[8] On the night of each new moon, the followers of Selemene don sacred garbs, sing rites and burn offerings to the goddess.[9]

A Shrine of Selemene also exists, erected at the spot where a moonshard fell from the sky long ago, when the Nightsilver Woods were still young.[10]


Long ago, the Axia of Metira served as Selemene's mount. The goddess was the only one to ever ride Axia, until Mirana.[11]


Selemene appears to be responsible for holding back the Dark Moon, a cataclysmic event with terrible consequences for the world. Because of this, her powers are sometimes disrupted and weakened by the Dark Moon Horde, a faction intent on destroying the goddess and bringing the Dark Moon to pass. Their powers are said to be a corruption on Selemene's domain, taking the form of "shades", and is well known to her and her followers.[12]

Mars minimap icon.png Mars considers Selemene a rival god, and wishes to kill her.[13]


  • Selemene is likely based on Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon.
  • Mene is the old name of Dota 2's Selemene before it was replaced for unknown reasons. Because of this, Mene is not to be confused for a separate being from the Selemene of Dota 2's lore, but rather Mene is Selemene's old name, unlike her version in Dota: Dragon's Blood.[14]


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