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Secret Shop

The Available at Secret Shop. Secret Shops are located near the center of the map.

One Secret Shop is in the forests between the top and middle lanes, on the Radiant icon.png Radiant side. The other is in the forests between the bottom and middle lanes, on the Dire icon.png Dire side. Heroes may use either Secret Shop, regardless of their team. The Secret Shop can be used by Animal Courier Radiant minimap icon.png Couriers. Items found at the Secret Shop cannot be bought at the Base Shop.

The Secret Shops are run by the Shopkeeper.



Void Stone (825) Void Stone (825 Gold)
Point Booster (1200) Point Booster (1200 Gold)
Platemail (1400) Platemail (1400 Gold)
Hyperstone (2000) Hyperstone (2000 Gold)
Ultimate Orb (2050) Ultimate Orb (2050 Gold)
Demon Edge (2200) Demon Edge (2200 Gold)
Eaglesong (2800) Eaglesong (2800 Gold)
Mystic Staff (2800) Mystic Staff (2800 Gold)
Reaver (2800) Reaver (2800 Gold)
Sacred Relic (3750) Sacred Relic (3750 Gold)


In addition to the items available above, these items can be completed solely with items from the Secret Shop.

Perseverance (1650) Perseverance (1650 Gold)
Soul Booster (3000) Soul Booster (3000 Gold)
Eternal Shroud (3300) Eternal Shroud (3300 Gold)
Lotus Orb (3850) Lotus Orb (3850 Gold)
Moon Shard (4000) Moon Shard (4000 Gold)
Octarine Core (5275) Octarine Core (5275 Gold)
Eye of Skadi (5300) Eye of Skadi (5300 Gold)
Scythe of Vyse (5675) Scythe of Vyse (5675 Gold)
Bloodstone (5750) Bloodstone (5750 Gold)
Divine Rapier (5950) Divine Rapier (5950 Gold)
Arcane Blink (6800) Arcane Blink (6800 Gold)
Swift Blink (6800) Swift Blink (6800 Gold)
Wind Waker (6825) Wind Waker (6825 Gold)

Several lategame items require some of their components to be purchased from the Secret Shop.