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Heroes Vengeful Spirit minimap icon.png Vengeful Spirit
Skywrath Mage minimap icon.png Skywrath Mage
Races Skywrath
Places Ghastly Eyrie
Gods Avilliva
Cosmetics Scree'auk's Talon

Scree'auk is a goddess who granted Shendelzare the spirit energy she desired to exact her revenge.[1] She may be sacred to the Skywrath race, and likely resembles a large bird.

Dragonus may have made a pact with Scree'auk, trading his loyalty to her in exchange for power.[2] He may have also had the Scree'auk's Talon made for his unrequited lover, Shendelzare.[3]


  • An auk is a type of largely flightless bird.


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