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Scintillant Waste
Associated With
Heroes Sand King minimap icon.png Sand King
Races Djinn
Places Desert of Misrule
Gods Solar Goddess
Characters Ancient Sovereign
Cosmetics Solar Forge
Hunter in Distant Sands Set

The Scintillant Waste is a desert land. It is likely located to the east of the Desert of Misrule.[1] The sands of the desert are sentient, thinking thoughts and interacting with the outside world through its ambassador, Crixalis. It is home to various species of arachnids. Quicksand can be found in the wastes, and has claimed many explorers. The kingdom of Qaldin is nearby. [2]

At the edge of the Scintillant Waste is a massive crater, in which the Solar Forge was found.[3] The ancient city of El'Harath is probably somewhere in the Scintillant Waste.

Eastern wastes[]

The eastern section of the Scintillant Waste is characterized by extreme heat. It is inhabited by artisans, who forge weapons and artifacts from gold. They worship a Solar Goddess.[4] To combat the heat, the locals wear lightly colored clothing.[5] Lina has been to the eastern wastes, and likely Gondar as well.


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