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Scaled Knights of Uthorian
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Heroes Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Dragon Knight
Races Dragons
Characters Slyrak

The Scaled Knights of Uthorian are an ancient order of dragon knights in the world of Dota 2. They are said to be an obscure group that is seen only rarely around the lands near the High Bell, at least according to the claims of a Keen named Thesos.[1]


They are represented by a symbol depicting a red dragon, which is emblazoned on their shield.[1] The dragon depicted on their symbol is Slyrak, as invoked by a knight who might be a member of this order.[2]

Notable Members[]

Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Dragon Knight is implied to be a member of this order. An old broken shield that resembled his own was found in the insides of a young dark blue dragon by a Keen named Thesos.[1]


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