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This page is about the dragonslayer knighthood in Dota 2's lore. For their counterpart in the animated series, see Dragon Knights.
Scaled Knights of Uthorian
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Heroes Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Dragon Knight
Races Dragons
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Characters Elder Dragon Form icon.png Slyrak
▶️ By the shield of Slyrak!
Sir Davion invokes his shield in battle, which bears the Scaled Knights of Uthorian's seal

The Scaled Knights of Uthorian are an ancient and obscure order of dragon knights in the lore of Dota 2.


Archronicus Scaled Knights of Uthorian seal.png

Judging by the name, the knights of this order are characterized by scales, dragon scale in particular when one considers the context surrounding the few mentions of this knighthood. One of the order's renowned members, Sir Davion, wears a suit of dragon armor[1] and wields a dragon scale shield[2] that are both made from Slyrak himself, implying that his fellow knights also wear suits of armor made from a dragon's scales and carry dragon-forged equipment just like him. This is why they're called the "scaled knights" which is a fancier word for a dragon knight. It's currently unknown who or what this "Uthorian" entity is.

To the right is Thesos' drawing of a broken shield that he found in a young dragon's insides. Once he pieced it together, Thesos recognized this shield and the dragon crest that is emblazoned on it: a knight's shield with the seal of the Scaled Knights of Uthorian.[3] The shield resembles the one that Sir Davion wields by default which he states is the dragon scale shield of Slyrak.[2][4] Since the shield of Slyrak looks like this sundered shield, the dragon's crest of the Scaled Knights of Uthorian might be depicting Slyrak himself, thus they are represented by Slyrak.

Contradicting this is the appearance of the same dragon crest (albeit in a lighter color of red) in another shield that Davion carried to battle against Time-Dragon Uldorak long before he had the shield of Slyrak.[5] This implies that the dragon symbol does not depict Slyrak so much as a generic dragon crest. Although it's possible that the crimson version of this crest on the shield of Slyrak is unique to said shield only (and it still depicts Slyrak) in order to differentiate it from other shields or objects that also have this seal.

Scaled Knights of Uthorian idk Camp Lore.png

The draconic crest is also displayed on their banners, such as the ones on Davion's camp in the left picture. Aside from their banners, they also have a recurring dragon's motif in their property, such as the dragon head bow on Davion's wooden boat. The recurring dragon motif possibly symbolizes the order's dedication to their dragon-based occupation.

According to Thesos, this ancient knight's order can be seen (albeit rarely) around the lands owned by Thesos' father in the present age. Their presence was indicated by a broken shield of Uthorian that he found in the guts of a dead young dragon. The business that they have in those lands are unknown, but the unknown knight who owned that shield may have been there to hunt the local dragons in the area.


A dragon knight can only be successful in battle against dragons if they have mastered themselves. Only then can they achieve mastery against dragons as well.[6] To a dragon knight, mastery of the self includes valor,[7] faith in one's abilities,[8] and a sharp mind even during the chaos of battle.[9] Among the killing apparatus of a dragon knight, the shield is the most important one (maybe their armor as well) because dragons always strike first,[10] and any strike from a dragon is almost a guaranteed death.[11]

Like most knighthoods, the aspect of honor is a trademark among the Scaled Knights of Uthorian. Knights are expected to fight and die with their honor intact.[12]


Little is known about the structure and hierarchy (assuming they have one) of the Scaled Knights of Uthorian. Not even their head count is known, save for one member of this order.


Davion the Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Dragon Knight is heavily implied to be a knight of the Scaled Knights of Uthorian. As shown in the pictures above, the shield of Slyrak and the banners of his camp bear the seal of this order. So far, he is the only known member of this knighthood.



It seems that the occupation of the Scaled Knights of Uthorian revolves entirely around slaying Dragons. It's unknown if they do this because they are ill-disposed to dragons, for mere pest control, or some mysterious esoteric reason.

Despite their jobs revolving around killing dragons, these Knights show respect for their foes and honor them. Based on Davion's meeting with Slyrak before their fusion, a knight from this order gains no honor in committing dragon-murder, especially against the weak and defenseless. It's implied that dragon-murder is when a dragon is slain without a prior fight.[13] As such, some Dragons are exempted from being slain by their hand, such as the sick, the old, and the weak. However, there are some exceptions, such as mercy killing. As Davion says, he has slain dragons who are less deserving of Death.[14] One such example was the old and weak Slyrak, who pleaded Davion to end his suffering and honor him with death in combat. Even though this was just a deception made by the sly Eldwurm, the fact that Davion unwittingly agreed to doing it proves this custom.

Dragons who are slain by these knights during battle are posthumously honored via forging their remains into battle equipment.[15][16] Dragon-forged stuff are marks of distinction for the knight who earned it.[17]

A dragon knight exercises great caution versus dragons during battle. Successful dragon knights bear a few scars: a testament to their survival and elusiveness against Dragons. Those who get hit rarely live long.[11]


According to the Tome of Knowledge icon.png Tome of Knowledge, "dragon knights" never charge for their services.[18] It is unknown if the "dragon knights" still refers to the Scaled Knights of Uthorian, seeing how they are never mentioned again (or at least never mentioned by that name) outside of the Archronicus, or if it refers to the Dragon Knights of the Dragon's Blood series.




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