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Satyr Tormenter
Satyr Tormenter
Satyr Tormenter model.png
Satyr Tormenter icon.png
Neutral Creep
Level 6
Armor Defense Class Basic
Magic Resistance 0%
Status Resistance 0%
Attack Damage Attack Class Hero
49 ‒ 55
Attack Range Melee 100
Acquisition Range 300
Attack Speed 0.74 attack(s) per second. 100 • 1.35s BAT
Attack Animation 0.3+0.3
Projectile Speed Instant
Movement Speed 290 (100)
Turn Rate Takes 0.209s to turn 180°. 0.5
Collision Size 24
Vision Range (G) 800
Bounty Gold 6273
Experience 90
Model Scale 0.95
Abilities Shockwave
Unholy Aura

Satyr Tormenter is a neutral creep found in:


Shockwave (Satyr Tormenter) icon.png
The Satyr Tormenter tears open an unstable rift to the underworld, creating a shockwave that travels in a line along the ground, dealing damage to enemies it hits.
Cast Animation: 0.5+0.83
Cast Range: 700
Starting Radius: 180
Travel Distance: 1200
End Radius: 200
Damage: 160
Cooldown: 8
Mana: 100


  • The shockwave travels at a speed of 900.
  • Can hit units up to 1580 range away (starting radius + travel distance + end radius).
  • The complete affected area is shaped like a cone.
  • When targeting a unit, it will be cast towards the unit's direction.
  • As a neutral unit:
    • The satyr never casts this spell.
  • As a player controlled unit:
    • No restrictions.
  • Has a cast backswing of 0.6 when cast by Doom minimap icon.png Doom (acquired through Devour).
  • Has a cast backswing of 1.07 when cast by Rubick minimap icon.png Rubick (acquired through casting Spell Steal on Doom).

Unholy Aura
Can be used by illusions. Disabled by Break. Pierces spell immunity.
Unholy Aura (Satyr Tormenter) icon.png
The Satyr Tormenter's demonic communion allows him to emanate regenerative power, increasing the health regeneration of himself and all nearby allies.
Radius: 1200
Health Regen Bonus: 5
Aura Linger Duration: 0.5
Buff modifier_satyr_hellcaller_unholy_aura: Undispellable. Persists death.
Buff modifier_satyr_hellcaller_unholy_aura_bonus: Undispellable. Persists death.


  • The aura's buff lingers for 0.5 seconds.

Version History[]

  • Increased gold bounty from 56‒66Gold to 62‒73Gold.
  • Reduced gold bounty from 62‒73Gold to 56‒66Gold.
  • Reduced experience bounty from 95XP to 90XP.
  • Reduced Unholy Aura health regeneration bonus from 5.5 to 5.
  • [U] Reduced acquisition range from 500 to 300.
  • Reduced Unholy Aura health regeneration bonus from 6 to 5.5.
  • Reduced gold bounty from 77‒91Gold to 62‒73Gold.
  • Reduced experience bounty from 119XP to 95XP.
  • Increased mana regeneration from 0 to 1.
  • Reduced mana from 600 to 400.
  • Changed attack damage type from Chaos to Hero.
  • Shockwave
    • Increased travel distance from 800 to 1200.
    • Reduced travel speed from 1050 to 900.
    • Increased damage from 125 to 160.
  • Increased Unholy Aura health regeneration bonus from 4 to 6.
  • Reduced gold bounty from 104 Gold to 84 Gold.
  • Reduced experience bounty from 155XP to 119XP.
  • Unholy Aura health regeneration bonus increased from 3 to 4.
  • Increased mana from 300 to 600.
  • Reworked neutral creep abilities and mechanics to better balance them out.
  • Lots of tweaks to the gold bonuses, levels, stats and abilities on neutral creeps.
  • Tweaked a bit.
  • Reworked abilities on Satyr Tormenter.

Patch History[]

  • Fixed Shockwave projectile ending slightly too short.
  • Fixed Shockwave doing less damage than intended.
  • Fixed to only consider units in its vision for deciding when to cast Shockwave.
  • Fixed unit's experience bounty from 88XP to 155XP.