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Ruined City
Associated with
Heroes Brewmaster minimap icon.png Brewmaster
Storm Spirit minimap icon.png Storm Spirit
Factions Order of the Oyo
Places Wailing Mountains
Cosmetics Spade of the Gluttonous

The Ruined City is a location in the Wailing Mountains. The Order of the Oyo resides in a valley beneath it.[1] According to Mangix, the Brewmaster minimap icon.png Brewmaster, the city is home to "wheel books", which produce sounds he likens to songs.[2] The Spade of the Gluttonous is designed to symbolically resemble to the wheel books.[3]

The Brewmaster instructs Storm Spirit minimap icon.png Storm Spirit to bury him beneath the Ruined City, hinting at a shared background from their early days.[4]


  • The city's wheel books may be a reference to Tibetan prayer wheels, which present text inscribed on a rotating cylinder.


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