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Spell Steal Interactions
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Spell Steal icon Spell Steal has some complex ability interactions, specifically with abilities that have direct synergy with another component of the hero's arsenal.

Abilities that have unique interactions upon acquiring via Spell Steal are detailed here, otherwise, they function as expected and its notes fully apply.

Note that these interactions do not necessarily apply to Ability Draft Notes Ability Draft.

General Information[]

  • A full list of unique interactions with Spell Steal can be found here.
  • The stolen ability travels as a projectile toward Rubick at a speed of 1500.
    • Rubick gains the new ability and loses the previously stolen ability as the projectile reaches him.
  • Can only acquire abilities from heroes and clones.
  • Neither acquires innate abilities nor innate ability traits (e.g. being able to attack Nightmare icon Nightmared units).
  • The stolen ability's level is based on its level on the enemy as it was stolen. The level only updates upon stealing it again.
    • Reacquiring an already stolen ability refreshes its buff duration.
    • The target's Aghanim's Scepter icon Aghanim's Scepter and Aghanim's Shard icon Aghanim's Shard are not considered, Rubick always steals the non-upgraded form.
    • However, if Rubick has Aghanim's Scepter or Aghanim's Shard, the stolen abilities do get upgraded.
    • Talent Talent upgrades are not copied and cannot be acquired in any way.
  • The debuff duration amplification only affects the duration of debuffs of stolen abilities placed on enemies.
    • A debuff is identified by the red border on the status icon. It follows the same rules as status resistance, and stacks multiplicatively with other sources.
  • Has a cast range of 1060/1120/1180/1240 (Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. 1460/1520/1580/1640) with Arcane Supremacy icon Arcane Supremacy on each level.
    • The spell damage amplification Talent talent applies outgoing damage amplification on stolen abilities. Stacks additively with other sources of generic outgoing damage manipulation.
    • The cooldown reduction Talent talent only affects the cooldown of stolen abilities.
      • Stacks multiplicatively with other sources of percentage-based cooldown reduction sources, and is calculated after all flat cooldown reduction values.

Cast Point[]

Main Article: Cast Point

For abilities acquired with Spell Steal icon Spell Steal, if their original cast point is < 0.15, it will be set to 0.15 instead, except for abilities flagged with DOTA_ABILITY_BEHAVIOR_NORMAL_WHEN_STOLEN in the game files, listed below. For these abilities, the original cast time is used.

Neutral Abilities Cast Times[]

Although Spell Steal cannot target neutral creeps, Rubick can indirectly acquire neutral abilities from Doom minimap icon Doom via Devour icon Devour.

The abilities use the original cast point of the neutral creeps they come from, however, the cast backswing differs depending on the ability acquired as shown below.

Acquirable Castable Abilities.
Neutral Creep Abilities Cast Point Rubick's Cast Backswing
Fireball (Ancient Black Dragon) icon Ancient Black DragonFireball 0.3 1.07
Icefire Bomb (Ancient Ice Shaman) icon Ancient Ice ShamanIcefire Bomb 0.35 1.02
Frenzy (Ancient Thunderhide) icon Ancient ThunderhideFrenzy 0 1.37
Slam (Ancient Thunderhide) icon Ancient ThunderhideSlam 0.3 1.07
War Stomp (Centaur Conqueror) icon Centaur ConquerorWar Stomp 0.4 0.97
Raise Dead (Dark Troll Summoner) icon Dark Troll SummonerRaise Dead 0.3 1.07
Vex (Fell Spirit) icon Fell SpiritVex 0 1.37
Intimidate (Giant Wolf) icon Giant WolfIntimidate 0.2 1.17
Take Off (Harpy Scout) icon Harpy ScoutTake Off 0 1.37
Chain Lightning (Harpy Stormcrafter) icon Harpy StormcrafterChain Lightning 0.3 1.07
Thunder Clap (Hellbear Smasher) icon Hellbear SmasherThunder Clap 0.4 0.97
Ensnare (Hill Troll) icon Hill TrollEnsnare 0.3 1.07
Heal (Hill Troll Priest) icon Hill Troll PriestHeal 0.5 0.87
Hurl Boulder (Mud Golem) icon Mud GolemHurl Boulder 0.3 1.07
Hurl Boulder (Mud Golem) icon Shard GolemHurl Boulder 0.3 1.07
Ogre Smash! (Ogre Bruiser) icon Ogre BruiserOgre Smash! 2.7 0
Ice Armor (Ogre Frostmage) icon Ogre FrostmageIce Armor 0.56 0.81
Purge (Satyr Banisher) icon Satyr BanisherPurge 0.2 1.17
Mana Burn (Satyr Mindstealer) icon Satyr MindstealerMana Burn 0.3 1.07
Shockwave (Satyr Tormenter) icon Satyr TormenterShockwave 0.5 0.87
Seed Shot (Warpine Raider) icon Warpine RaiderSeed Shot 0.2 1.17
Tornado (Wildwing) icon WildwingTornado 0.4 0.97
Hurricane (Wildwing Ripper) icon Wildwing RipperHurricane 0 1.37


Main Article: Summons

The following rules generally apply to abilities that summon units, or take control (e.g. Enchant icon Enchant) of other units:

  • Summoned and Dominated units with limited duration will not be killed upon losing the ability.
  • Summoned and Dominated with unlimited duration will be killed upon losing the ability, unless stated otherwise.
Abilities Affecting Summoned Units
  • Holy Persuasion icon
    Persuaded unit is killed upon losing ability.
  • Enchant icon
    Creep level: 4/5/6/6
    Enchanted unit is killed upon duration expiring, and not upon losing this ability.
    Multiple casts of Enchant from opposing teams do not refresh its duration. Only refreshes duration when cast on already Enchanted unit.

Stolen Spells[]

Acquired abilities have some slight but notable differences from their original as listed below, to make it easier, or possible for Rubick to use them.

Notable Spell Steal Ability Interactions

Toggled Abilities[]

Main Article: Abilities

Toggle abilities can be acquired, but only if toggling them On was the most recent action. Toggling Off ability does not count as casting. The effects of Toggle abilities will be lost on acquiring another ability unless stated otherwise.

Unacquirable Abilities[]

Active Attack Modifiers[]

These attack modifiers are not acquirable in any way.

1 Requires a Talent talent.
2 Requires Aghanim's Scepter icon Aghanim's Scepter.
3 Requires Aghanim's Shard icon Aghanim's Shard.

Transformation Abilities[]

Transformation abilities generally change the hero's form while providing other stat bonuses, created illusions can benefit from the hero's current state with the remaining duration of the transformation buff. These abilities have a transformation time. Certain abilities may modify the hero's attack range (Melee melee and Ranged ranged) properties or other stats.

For Spell Steal icon Spell Steal and Ability Draft Notes Ability Draft, multiple transformation abilities' bonuses and reductions fully stack with each other:

  • All attack damage bonuses.
  • All movement speed effects (e.g. Shapeshift icon Shapeshift haste).
  • All attack modifiers.
  • All health, mana (and regenerations) altering effects.
  • Attack range definitions and notes fully apply.
  • Items that use different values for Melee melee and Ranged ranged heroes (e.g. Manta Style icon Manta Style) to now treat the caster's ranged type based on the ability notes.
Transformation Sources
  • Chemical Rage icon
    Set base attack time to the current acquired ability level.
    While True Form icon True Form does not override the base attack time changes, Metamorphosis icon Metamorphosis and Terror Wave icon Terror Wave do.
  • Elder Dragon Form icon
    Does not increase attack range, no matter what other transformation ability is active.
  • True Form icon
    While active, Rubick is a Melee melee hero.
  • Metamorphosis icon
    Does not increase attack range, no matter what other transformation ability is active.
    Rubick loses the buff upon losing the ability.
  • Terror Wave icon
    Increases Rubick's attack range to Lua error in Module:Calculate at line 35: in expression "340+<strong class="error"><span class="scribunto-error" id="mw-scribunto-error-0">Lua error in Module:Show at line 24: attempt to index field &#039;?&#039; (a nil value).</span></strong>". upon cast.
    Rubick does not lose the buff upon losing the ability.
  • Berserker's Rage icon
    While toggled On, Rubick is a Melee melee hero. Reverts back to Rubick's original attack properties upon losing the ability.
  • Flesh Golem icon
    Applies debuff based on the current acquired ability level.


Visual Appearance[]

  • Every model-changing transformation abilities transforms Rubick into a smaller version of the original.
  • Rubick will change into the form of the last cast transformation ability. If the last cast one expires, he will change into the previous cast.
    • Except for Metamorphosis icon Metamorphosis, which has priority over every other transformation abilities. Rubick will stay in the demon form until it expires or he dies, regardless of other transformation abilities.
    • Particle effects of all transformation abilities persist and not overridden.
    • This also apply to attacks projectiles. Rubick will use the attack projectiles of the last cast transformation ability, if the ability expires, then he uses the previous cast one.

Hero Animations[]

Main Article: Hero Animations

Due to Rubick's nature of using the abilities of other heroes, he has custom animations for all abilities of the following heroes, and for the following individual abilities. All other abilities share 2 generic animations and 1 generic channeling animation.

Stolen Spell Animations of Other Heroes
Anti-Mage minimap icon Crystal Maiden minimap icon Dark Willow minimap icon Earthshaker minimap icon Lina minimap icon Monkey King minimap icon Nature's Prophet minimap icon Omniknight minimap icon Queen of Pain minimap icon Shadow Fiend minimap icon Sniper minimap icon Storm Spirit minimap icon Sven minimap icon Ursa minimap icon Venomancer minimap icon

Custom Ability Animations[]