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Manager(s):Denis "PoDoX" Pestrecov
Sponsor(s):Kaspersky, Kingston, Razer, USN, Click-Net
Prizemoney:$0 USD

RoX.KIS (Russian Society of Cybersport Kaspersky Internet Security, Russian: "Российское Общество Компьютерного Спорта"), or RoX, is a Russian multigaming e-Sports organization.


In January 2013, RoX.KIS picked-up their first Dota 2 squad Chlamydia psittaci consisting of BzzIsPerfect, STALIANER, hardEEv-, yol, Sedoy.[1]

In March 2013, Rox.KIS and 3D!Clan began to exchange players between them. Firstly, STALIANER and Sedoy left the team to replace Sharfik and ServAAA from 3D!Clan.[2] A few days later, Sharfik joined RoX.KIS and Dread followed him.[3] The changes did not stop there: after just 10 days, Sharfik left the team and was quickly replaced by Solo.[4]

Later in March, after playing as a stand-in for a few days, VANSKOR replaced hardEEv- as the hard support role.[5]

On June 14, 2013, Solo, BzzIsPerfect, Dread, yol, and their stand-in "dnq" played a game against zRAGE in SLTV StarSeries Season 6 after which the participating players in RoX.KIS were implicated in throwing the game for personal profit.[6] Alexei "Solo" Berezin placed a bet against his own team on a real-currency gambling site, and the StarLadder organization ruled that his teammates in the game were complicit. The RoX.KIS organization was banned from participating in StarLadder for one year. BzzIsPerfect, Dread, yol, and dnq were banned from SL matches for 3 years. Solo was banned for life. VANSKOR did not participate in the game and was not implicated.

The joinDOTA organization, in response, followed StarLadder in extending all relevant bans to leagues and tournaments organized by them.[7]

Solo later admitted that he placed the bet in question through his girlfriend's account. After admitting this to the RoX.KIS organization, Solo was removed from their roster due to unsportsmanlike conduct on June 21. After some deliberation, StarLadder's ban against RoX.KIS and their team was lifted on the condition that they no longer play with Solo, who remained permanently banned.[8]

Later in June, RoX.KIS added TpoH to their roster as their fifth player.[9]

In July 2013, Dread decided to retire. He and Solo then became RoX.KIS's official commentators.[10]

In August 2013, VANSKOR left for Team Empire.[11]

In September 2013, Nexus and Sedoy joined the team, while TpoH was removed.[12]

In October 2013, Goblak and Resolut1on joined the team, and Solo and Nexus left.[13][14]

In November 2013, Resolut1on left for Team Empire.[15] Scandal was brought on as his replacement.[16]

In February 2014, Scandal left the team. Solo replaced him.[17][18]

In May 2014, RoX.KIS release their Dota 2 Squad.

Current Roster[]

No team.


Dota 2[]

Place Tournament Location Date Prize money
A33rd RaidCall EMS One Season 1 - Cup 4 Online 11–12 March 2013 $100 USD
A11st 4PL Play4Dota2 Cup 2013/#6 Online 7–8 April 2013 €400 EUR
A11st Bigpoint Battle 3 Online 13–14 April 2013 $1,500 USD
A22nd RaidCall EMS One Season 1 Online & Poland Katowice, Poland 18 March - 21 April 2013 $7,000 USD
A22nd D2R Team League Season 1 Online 16–26 April 2013 €375 EUR
A33rd Curse Dota 2 Invitational Online 4–19 May 2013 $2,000 USD
A11st RaidCall EMS One Season 2 - Cup 1 (Europe) Online 20–21 May 2013 $600 USD
A22nd Eizo Cup 4 Online 25–26 May 2013 €500 EUR
A33rd Techlabs August 2013 Ukraine Kiev, Ukraine 31 August 2013 $1,500 USD
A44th SLTV StarSeries Season Seven Online & Ukraine Kiev, Ukraine 31 August - 13 October 2013 $1,500 USD
A11st Netolic Pro League 4 (West) - Cup 3 Online 15–20 November 2013 $1,000 USD
A22nd Netolic Pro League 4 (West) Online 9 October - 12 December 2013 $3,000 USD
A11st Eizo Cup 10 Online 14–15 December 2013 €1,250 EUR
A22nd Pinnacle Sports Pro-Am Cup Online 4–12 January 2014 €2,500 EUR
A11st Netolic Pro League 5 (West) Online 10 February - 27 March 2014 $3,000 USD
A33rd MLG T.K.O. Europe Online 4 February - 16 April 2014 $4,500 USD
A33rd joinDOTA League Europe Season 1 Online 26 January - 2 May 2014 $758 USD
A33rd The International 2014 Europe Qualifers Online 24–27 May 2014 -


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