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River Vial: Slime
River Vial Slime icon.png
Bought From
Active Paint River
Charges 10
Bonus [?]
Alert allies? No
River Vial: Slime (0)

River Vial: Slime is an item purchasable at the Main Shop, under Attributes. It alters the appearance of the river, and can only be purchased when the player has a River Vial: Slime (Tool) in their armory.

Additional Information[]

  • River Vial: Slime starts with a stock count of 1 and is limited to a count of 1.
    • It takes 900 seconds for 1 vial to replenish in the stock.
  • Stacks with itself in the inventory, although the number of stacks is not indicated on the icon.


Paint River
Pour this serum into the river to transform the water into a green slime for 15 minutes. Using this item on the river will permanently consume one charge from your Armory supply upon expiration of the effect. Charges do not get consumed if the effect is replaced by a stronger vial before expiration. Vials can only be used if at least one charge remains in your Armory. Charges will only be used by successfully enchanting the river, and will not be consumed if the item is sold, dropped, or destroyed during a game. You can only cast a vial on the river if there's not a stronger vial already in effect.
Cast Range: 200
Duration: 900
Cooldown: 0


  • Can only target the water in the river.
  • Slime is the third weakest vial and can be replaced by any other vial, except by Chrome and Dry.
  • The ingame item is immediately consumed upon use.
  • The Armory item loses 1 charge when the river effect lasted its full duration.