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Riftshadow Ruins
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Artifacts Riftshadow Crystals

The Riftshadow Ruins is the site of a former civilization. It is valued for its historical sculptures and artifacts. A large palace once stood on the site, where dark rituals were practiced on live victims. Those who survived the rituals had their souls placed in a crystal, and shattered to pieces. These crystals can now be found in the ruins, and are referred to as Riftshadow Crystals. At least one town is near the Riftshadow Ruins.[1]

It often rains in the Riftshadow Ruins.[2] Fields of spores lay underneath the ruins.[3]


The artifacts of Riftshadow's past civilization are of great value to historians and collectors. Scavengers, like Meepo, collect carvings and sculptures from the ruins, and sell them in town for food. On rare occasions, one might find a Riftshadow Crystal, which is of particular interest to mages. Meepo has handled and accidentally shattered one of these crystals, which split his soul from one into many.[1]

In addition to selling trinkets, Meepo also makes a living telling stories about the Riftshadow Ruins, and guiding travelers through its wastes. Those who wish to know the ruins' deepest secrets must tip Meepo generously, and keep their mouths shut about anything they see.[4]


Various animals inhabit the Riftshadow Ruins, including dangerous beasts. Meepo tells of trapping animals with nets, sometimes slaughtering them for food.[5] He has also been known to bash his frying pan, scaring off animals with the noise.[6]