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Rider of the Storm Set
Cosmetic icon Rider of the Storm Set
Bundle 20102
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Rarity: Mythical

The scarred and battle-hardened veteran of many conflicts, Disruptor knows that even the best Stormcrafter is never fully in control of a storm, but merely a vector for its power. Astride the last of the legendary Archtyrex stryders, Disruptor rides into battle wielding the ancient power of the upland storms. Stormriders laugh in the face of order and through force of will bend storms to their bidding. Clad in the armor of his ancestors, and riding his scaly steed, Disruptor is a true Rider of the Storm.
Created By
Rider of the Storm Set
Aegis of the Storm
Rampant the Scaled Hunter
Storm Rider's Bracer
Storm Rider's Deflector
Storm Rider's Sight

Set Items

Rider of the Storm Set
Rider of the Storm Set

This set was selected as the best overall winner in the 2012 Polycount Contest.