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Rhasta's Master
Associated With
Heroes Shadow Shaman minimap icon.png Shadow Shaman
Races Trolls
Places Bleeding Hills

Rhasta's Master was an old travelling con-man who found a young, starving Rhasta and took him as his apprentice.[1] His name is unknown.

Acts and time with Rhasta[]

The con-man had a variety of acts, although it is likely that none of them were genuine. Before meeting Rhasta, he would put on the garbs of a shaman, read from ancient books, and lay curses on his client's enemies. After Rhasta joined him, he had the young half-troll wear his shaman garb, announcing him as the Shadow Shaman minimap icon.png Shadow Shaman and attracting onlookers with Rhasta's exotic magics. With his talents, Rhasta was able to dazzle crowds with shocking displays of lightning, and turning himself into a chicken at the end of each performance.[2][3] The old con-man himself also performed various small services for money. For two pins of copper, the old con-man would tells someone's fortune. For three, he’d castrate your pig, for five, he’d circumcise your sons. These services were advertised on pictures drawn on banners, which Rhasta worn on his back.[4] Before their swindled customers could catch up to him, he and Rhasta would leave for the next town, and continue their trade there.[1]

Rhasta's master had a friendly, almost fatherly relationship with his young assistant. He gave Rhasta advice on his future travels, telling him to "Be clear what you are about, for these simple village folk read menace and evil intent into poor communication." Therefore Rhasta created a simple visual menu of the services he offers, and wears it in plain sight.[5] He also joked with his young apprentice. "A shaman must take good care of his skin!" He instructed. "Therefore, always wear a hat to keep off the sun, and no less the evil influence of the moon." And then the old man always broke into laughter. "And if you believe that, I have a bag of herbs here that will confer infinite wealth and immortality."[6]


Eventually, the con-man's cheated clients caught up to him and Rhasta. The pair was ambushed by a mob in the Bleeding Hills, and in the ensuing fight, the con-man was killed. In a fit of rage, Rhasta used his magic to kill their assailants, avenging his master in the process.[1]