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Heroes Dark Willow minimap icon.png Dark Willow
Bounty Hunter minimap icon.png Bounty Hunter
Phantom Assassin minimap icon.png Phantom Assassin
Races Fae
Pyrexae Dragons
Factions Sunbreeze Family
Sisters of the Veil
Places Fae Realm
White Spire
Characters Mireska's Father
Brass Herald

Revtel is a nation, likely a city-state,[1] populated by Fae. It is located near Stonehall and White Spire[2].


The seat of merchants and tradesmen, Revtel is known for its fabulous wealth and luxuries. At the same time, its cutthroat dealings and dog-eat-dog environment are notorious throughout the world. Etiquette and laborate social rituals are observed, yet murder is common.[3] The residents of Revtel indulge in delicacies, including the flesh of Pyrexae Dragons.[4]

Revtel is governed by three merchant kings: Kwerthias, the Brass Herald[5], and Mireska's Father of the Sunbreeze Family.[6] His daughter, Mireska grew weary of life in the city, and thus burned down the family estate and fled Revtel with Jex, her companion wisp. According to Mireska, the rulers of Revtel were tyrannical in nature.[7]


The Sisters of the Veil have performed shady actions in Revtel, most likely assassinations. At first, these incidents were secret, but have now spread by word of mouth. Donte Panlin, having heard of the incidents, warns Mortred that Revtel's rulers would be most displeased with her order's actions.[8]

Gondar has dealings with the merchant kings of Revtel, one of which may be to bring Mireska back to her father.[9]


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