Resonant Vibrance Set

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Resonant Vibrance Set
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Rarity: Mythical

Includes the Star Series 7 Tournament Ticket as well as all of the items in the 'Resonant Vibrance' set for Rubick that evolve as you watch the tournamen
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Resonant Vibrance Set
Tails of Resonant Vibrance
Hood of Resonant Vibrance
Shawl of Resonant Vibrance
Focus of Resonant Vibrance

Each item in this set comes with multiple selectable styles, which are unlocked by watching StarSeries Season 7 games or replays.

Set Items[edit]

  • Also includes the Star Series 7 Tournament Ticket:


Styles are unlocked by increasing the counter on the Spectator Gem. If the gem is removed, the styles will become unavailable.


Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3