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The replay controls

Replays can be downloaded and watched in Spectator mode. Unlike spectator mode, however, replays can be watched at increased or decreased speeds, or just the highlights. After playing a match, it may take a moment for the replay to become available.

Replays include:

  • Audio streams of casters
  • Casters' camera perspectives
  • Players' camera perspectives

Replays with audio streams are considerably larger in file size.


Takeover Mode[]

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Replay Takeover Art

This mode allows players to take control of heroes during a replay.

  • Requires 10 players.
  • Will open a lobby window for each player to select the hero they wish to take over.
  • Takeovers are considered a new match and have separate replays, which are recorded from the moment you assume control.
  • Only available on replays created after the January 29, 2014 Patch.

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