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This article is about the stat counter. For the gameplay item, see Sacred Relic icon Sacred Relic.
Alchemist Relics

Fully unlocked reliquary for a Strength Hero
(Alchemist minimap icon Alchemist)

Troll Warlord Relics

Fully unlocked reliquary for an Agility Hero
(Troll Warlord minimap icon Troll Warlord)

Zeus Relics

Fully unlocked reliquary for an Intelligence Hero
(Zeus minimap icon Zeus)

Lycan Relics

Fully unlocked reliquary for a Universal Hero
(Lycan minimap icon Lycan)

Relics are counters that track a hero's actions and statistics in-game. Each hero has fourteen relics divided by category and rarity.

Obtaining Relics[]

  • Relics can only be purchased with shards.
  • Each hero has ten common Relics and four rare Relics.
  • Total of shards require for a full set of Relics is 48000.
Item Cost
1 Common Relic 1,600 shards
1 Rare Relic 8,000 shards

General information[]

  • The relic panel is found on each hero's profile.
  • Relics update and display your statistical milestones as you play.
  • Multiple relics will track simultaneously.
  • A breakdown of each relic's progress is displayed after each game.
  • Relics track stats at half the rate in Turbo Mode.
Relic Displayed

Effects and notifications are displayed in-game when milestones are reached


  • Relics can level up by attaining milestones on their stat counter.
  • Leveling up a relic will earn Hero XP.
Type Hero XP per level up
Common 5 XP
Rare 30 XP


Type Icon
Rare Relic Rare icon
Common (Strength attribute symbol Strength) Relic strength icon
Common (Agility attribute symbol Agility) Relic agility icon
Common (Intelligence attribute symbol Intelligence) Relic intelligence icon
Common (Universal attribute symbol Universal) Relic universal icon