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Razor minimap icon.png Razor, the Lightning Revenant
Among the emblematic powers that populate the Underscape, Razor the Lightning Revenant is one of the most feared. With his whip of lightning, he patrols the Narrow Maze, that treacherous webwork of passages by which the souls of the dead are sorted according to their own innate intelligence, cunning and persistence. Drifting above the Maze, Razor looks down on the baffled souls below, and delivers jolts of scalding electricity that both punish and quicken the souls as they decide their own fates, hurrying on toward luminous exits or endlessly dark pits. Razor is the eternal embodiment of a dominating power, abstract and almost clinical in his application of power. Yet he has a lordly air that suggests he takes a sardonic satisfaction in his work.
Associated With
Heroes Storm Spirit minimap icon.png Storm Spirit
Visage minimap icon.png Visage
Places Underscape
Narrow Maze
Artifacts Book of the Dead
  • Razor has access to, and adds names in the Book of the Dead.[1]
  • Razor's oldest rival is Storm Spirit minimap icon.png Storm Spirit, likely dating to a time before Raijin merged with Thunderkeg.[2]
    • This rivalry might be due to Razor stealing the energies of many storms, an element that Storm Spirit represents.[3]
  • Razor appears to be able to change his appearance, with various witnesses describing him differently.[4]
  • Mars describes Razor as a boring bureaucrat.[5]

Friendships and rivalries[]

Allies meeting Razor

Enemies killing Razor


  • ▶️ Oracle minimap icon.png r Peering at future tempests, I see the storm's eye glaring back.


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