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Ravening Wings
Cosmetic icon Ravening Wings.png
Bundle 20785
Phantom Assassin icon.png
Phantom Assassin
Rarity: Rare

Contains all of the items in the 'Ravening Wings' set for Phantom Assassin plus loading screen and ability icons. 10% of the proceeds of each sale contributes towards the SLTV Star Series Season 12 prize pool!
Created By
Ravening Wings
Helm of the Ravening Wings
Glaive of the Ravening Wings
Pauldrons of the Ravening Wings
Cape of the Ravening Wings
Belt of the Ravening Wings
Ravening Wings Loading Screen

Set Items

10% of the proceeds from this set goes towards the SLTV Star Series Season 12 prize pool.


Customization Type Preview Bound To
Coup de Grace Effect
Glaive of the Ravening Wings Ambient.gif

Ability Icons[]

Customization Preview Bound To
Stifling Dagger Ravening Wings Stifling Dagger icon.png
Phantom Strike Ravening Wings Phantom Strike icon.png
Coup de Grace Ravening Wings Coup de Grace icon.png
Blur Ravening Wings Blur icon.png