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Not to be confused with an item's Quality.

Rarity is a property of cosmetic items. It is represented in-game by the item's color theme. Rarity is a purely cosmetic property, and has no effect on gameplay.

General Information[]

  • Items have both a Rarity and a Quality value.
  • In general, rarer items tend to drop less often, and have more customizations.
  • Rarity does not determine whether or not an item is tradeable or marketable, Quality does.


Rarity Color Description Sound Effect
Common #b0c3d9 ▶️ Sound
Uncommon #5e98d9 ▶️ Sound
Rare #4b69ff ▶️ Sound
Mythical #8847ff ▶️ Sound
Legendary #d32ce6 ▶️ Sound
Immortal #b28a33 Items released with Valve events that can no longer be obtained except from other players. ▶️ Sound
Arcana #ade55c Items that grant heroes extensive customizations, including models, animations, particle effects, icons, etc. ▶️ Sound
Ancient #eb4b4b Items gained from special events that are no longer obtainable. ▶️ Sound
Dota Plus Access #fff34f Temporary items for Dota Plus subscribers. Will expire after a time. N/A
Seasonal #fff34f Items made for seasonal Events. Some will expire after a time. N/A

Crimson Witness[]

Crimson Witness refers to very specific items obtained at a random chance by audience members who witnessed first blood live at The International playoffs each year. Although this makes these item very rare, "Crimson Witness" is not its own rarity type, but more of a name tag.

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