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Ranged Barracks
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Ranged Barracks Radiant model.png
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Unknown Unit icon.pngUnknown Unit icon.png
This unit has no mana.
Level 1
Armor Armor 9
Magic Resistance 0%
Attack Damage Reinforced icon.png Reinforced
Projectile Speed 0
Collision Size 144
Vision Range (G) 900600
Bounty Gold
90 Team
Experience 0
Abilities Backdoor Protection

Main Article: Buildings


Backdoor Protection
Backdoor Protection icon.png
Passive / Aura
Structure takes reduced damage, and quickly regenerates any damage taken while no enemy creeps are nearby.
Search Radius: 4000
Heal per Second: 90
Damage Reduction: 50%
Protected Illusion Damage Reduction: 75%
Illusion Attack Damage Reduction: 60%
Reactivation Delay: 15
Aura Linger Duration: 0.5
Modifiers [?]


  • All buildings, except for tier 1 towers have this ability (although tier 1 towers have the 60% attack damage reduction against illusions).
  • Tier 2 towers have a search radius of 900 centered on them, each of them independent from each other.
  • The base buildings depend on the Ancient's search radius of 4000 centered on it. This means they all lose the protection together.
  • The unit detection is aura-based. If an enemy lane creep gets within the search radius of the tower/ancient the protection is lost.
    • The aura's effect lingers for 0.5 seconds, so the total reactivation delay is effectively 15.5 seconds.
  • Applies generic incoming damage reduction on the building. Stacks additively with other sources of generic incoming damage manipulation.
    • The reduction affects all damage the building takes that is not flagged as HP removal.
    • While protected, the building takes 50% less damage from any source, and 75% less damage from illusions.
  • The illusion attack damage reduction does not require backdoor protection to be active and works on all buildings, including tier 1 towers.
    • Applies unique incoming damage reduction to illusion attack damage. Stacks multiplicatively with sources of generic incoming damage reduction, like the active aspect of backdoor protection.
    • If a building is protected, the building takes 90% less attack damage from illusions. Their spell damage is only reduced by 75%.
  • If a backdoor-protected building is damaged by an enemy, it immediately starts healing back.
  • Heals 9 health in 0.1 second intervals, which translates to 90 health per second.
    • This means, it is possible to destroy protected buildings by dealing more than 90 damage per second (after reductions).
  • Only heals back damage dealt by enemy units. Damaged dealt by allies is not healed back.

Can be used by illusions. Not disabled by Break.
Reinforced icon.png
Reinforced Units and Buildings Deal Bonus Damage to other Reinforced Units and Buildings and take less attack damage from other units.
Attack Damage Bonus Against Reinforced Units: 50%
Incoming Hero Attack Damage Reduction: 50%
Incoming Non-Hero Attack Damage Reduction: 30%
Incoming Piercing Attack Damage Reduction: 65%
Modifiers [?]


  • Treats creep-heroes as creeps, except for the Lone Druid Spirit Bear icon.png Spirit Bear, which is treated as a hero.
  • If a non-hero unit has piercing attack, it is only affected by the attack damage reduction against piercing attacks, and not by the reduction against non-hero units.