Radiant Ore (Lore)

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This article is about the mineral in Dota 2 lore. For the HUD skin, see Radiant Ore.
Radiant Ore
Lore Radiant Ore.png
Associated with
Heroes:Meepo minimap icon.png Meepo
Places:Mad Moon
Items:Demon Edge icon.png Demon Edge
Cosmetics:Radiant Ore
Experimentalist's Unstable Flask
Radiant Claive
Demon Shard
Radiant Crystal Bindings Set
Other Lore:Direstone

Radiant Ore is a type of mineral known for its unpredictable structure. It is a bluish, glowing substance found in Radiant icon.png Radiant lands, and blessed with benevolent magic.[1] A purple variant of the ore can be found in dry, desert lands.[2] The Dire icon.png Dire equivalent is Direstone. Together, the two are known as the Nemesis Stones.


Blades made from the ore are extremely sharp, but break quickly.[3] It is also used to make alchemical flasks.[4]

Radiant Ore was used by Abzidian to create Demon Edge icon.png Demon Edge's blade.[5] It is also embedded into the buildings of Radiant ancients, as well as the equipment of Radiant creeps. Meepo has been known to dig up Radiant Ore.[6]