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Qualifying Points are points awarded to individual players by Valve due to their performances in Majors and Minors. Those Qualifying Points will determine which teams get invited to The International 2018. Majors grant more points whereas Minors less. Tournaments grant more points as The International approaches. Only the top 3 point earners on a team will contribute towards a team’s effective total Qualifying Points.

The Points[]

Qualifying Points are awarded for performances in Majors and Minors (Valve sponsored tournaments). The amount of points awarded for a tournament depend on three factors:

  1. A teams placing in the tournament
  2. The tournaments prize-pool
  3. The time of the year (more points get awarded the closer the tournament is to The International)

The points are awarded per player instead of per team, allowing players switching teams during the Roster lock seasons to keep their points. To determine a teams total points, the individual points of the 3 players with the most points on the team get added together. The teams with the most points get to go to The International.

Point distribution[]

Majors and Minors award 1,500 and 300 Qualifying Points respectively. These points are awarded to the players directly instead of the teams.

The points awarded to a team are reduced if the team does not play a tournament with its official roster. If a team plays with four official players and one substitute player, the official players gain 75% of the normal points and the substitute player 50%. If more than one player is replaced, all players playing for the team in the tournament gain 25% of the normal points.

Tournaments with joint third and fourth place[]

Place Percent Points Major Points Minor
A11st 50% 750 150
A22nd 30% 450 90
A33rd - 4th 10% 150 30

Tournaments that differentiate third and fourth place[]

Place Percent Points Major Points Minor
A11st 50% 750 150
A22nd 30% 450 90
A33rd 15% 225 45
A44th 5% 75 15

Dota Pro Circuit Ranking[]

# Team Points
1 Virtus 8097
2 PSG PSG.LGD 6321
3 Team Liquid Team Liquid 6084
4 Team Secret Team Secret 4800
5 Mineski Mineski 3150
6 Vici Gaming Vici Gaming 2835
7 Newbee Newbee 2445
8 VGJ VGJ.Thunder 1935
9 VGJ VGJ.Storm 1347
10 Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses 1335
11 Natus Vincere Natus Vincere 1199
12 Fnatic Fnatic 1040
13 OG OG 930
14 FlyToMoon FlyToMoon 675
15 TNC Pro Team TNC Pro Team 495
16 OpTic Gaming OpTic Gaming 450
# Players Points Team
1 RAMZES666 2699 Virtus
2 No[o]ne 2699 Virtus
3 9pasha 2699 Virtus
4 Solo 2565 Virtus
5 RodjER 1905 Virtus
6 MATUMBAMAN 1803 Team Liquid Team Liquid
7 MinD_ContRoL 1803 Team Liquid Team Liquid
8 GH 1803 Team Liquid Team Liquid
9 KuroKy 1803 Team Liquid Team Liquid
10 Miracle- 0 Team Liquid Team Liquid
11 Ace 0 Team Secret Team Secret
12 MidOne 0 Team Secret Team Secret
13 YapzOr 0 Team Secret Team Secret
14 Puppey 0 Team Secret Team Secret
15 FATA- 0 Team Secret Team Secret

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