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Qaldin Assassins
Associated With
Heroes Bounty Hunter minimap icon.png Bounty Hunter
Places Qaldin
Scintillant Waste
Cosmetics Black Blades of the Qaldin Assassin Set

The Qaldin Assassins are a organization run out of the kingdom of Qaldin. They are secretive and elusive, and few have ever made contact with them. The group manufactures their own weapons, blackened blades that are perfectly balanced, and extremely sharp.[1] On rare occasions, outsiders may commission weapons made for them, and owning a set of their weapons is considered the mark of an excellent bounty hunter.[2] Gondar owns one such set of weapons, and may have had some relation with the Qaldin Assassins.[3]


  • The Qaldin Assassins bear resemblance to the Assassins of the medieval Islamic world.