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Pyrexae Dragons
Associated With
Heroes Jakiro minimap icon.png Jakiro
Races Dragons
Places Revtel
Cosmetics Wyvernguard Edge

Pyrexae Dragons are a race of dragons. Their best known member is Jakiro minimap icon.png Jakiro. According to Inai, the Pyrexae are a wise race.[1]

Pyrexae are known to eat knights, steel and all, and store their metal armor in their stomachs.[2]

The wealthy merchants of Revtel consider Pyrexae Dragon flesh as a great delicacy.[3]


  1. Void Spirit response: ▶️ I had hoped the wisdom of your kind would help you choose a better path.
  2. Wyvernguard Edge description.
  3. Dark Willow response: ▶️ You know in Revtel, Pyrexae is a great delicacy.