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  • Impact sounds play when the attack successfully hits a target. Each attack uses 1 of main impact sound, additional impact sound and chains sound.


Feast of Abscession


Meat Hook[]

  • ▶️ Chain sound plays twice, once upon throwing and extending, and once again upon and while retracting.
  • ▶️ Impact sound plays when the hook latches on a unit.
  • ▶️ End sound plays when the hook fully retracted.
  • ▶️ Full sound example, without latching.
  • ▶️ Full sound example, with latching.

Feast of Abscession

  • ▶️ Streak sound plays on Pudge whenever hitting an enemy hero while on a streak.


  • ▶️ Loop sound plays on Pudge while Rot is active.

Flesh Heap[]

  • Flesh Heap does not use any sound effects.


Feast of Abscession


Taunt: Shake Your Money Maker

Feast of Abscession

  • Sounds of the rare idle and rare walk animations (80%-100% vol).
  • ▶️ Reveal/intro sound played as Pudge with the Arcana appeared in the dashboard when the game was launched the first time and whenever the Arcana was viewed after the update.

Taunt: Skip to the Good Stuff!

  • ▶️ Drum sounds play on Pudge during the taunt.
  • ▶️ Whoosh sound plays on Pudge on each rotation the chains make around him.
  • ▶️ Fart sound plays on Pudge at the end of the taunt, on every second use.
  • ▶️ Full sound example
  • The sounds stay exactly the same even when not having the arcana equipped.