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Places Magnetic Ziggurat
Mount Pyrotheos

Ptholopthales, the Vizier of Greed is a character who set up and resides in the Magnetic Ziggurat on Mount Pyrotheos. He possesses a great "magnetic wealth", and is confident that Black Arachnia and her spiderlings, who live in lava tubes under Mount Pyrotheos, are enough to dissuade any intruders. This was not the case. Thieves regularly attempted to enter the ziggurat, and many were killed by Black Arachnia. Although this provided the spiders with a source of food, it was also a danger to Black Arachnia's young.

Concerned for her spawn's safety, Black Arachnia met with Ptholopthales, and attempted to reach a compromise to reduce the number of intruders. The vizier refused. Angered, Black Arachnia wrapped Ptholopthales in an silken cocoon, and ate him as part of a birthday feast.

After Ptholopthales' death, the Magnetic Ziggurat was left empty. Instead of discouraging thieves, this only encouraged more burglars. After one such intruder stepped on one of Black Arachnia's spiderlings, she decided to set out into the world, and kill any potential adventurer who may threaten her nursery.[1]


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