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Promise of Eminent Revival
Cosmetic icon Promise of Eminent Revival
Treasure 12334
Rarity: Immortal

Immediately granting all five items contained within upon opening, this bundle features new takes on select items from previous Immortal treasures that celebrate the history of The International.

Each item includes a default style that rethemes these Immortal hallmarks to match this year's event, and a second style unlocked through playing that transforms each one into a form more akin to the recent offerings of the Immortal Treasure chests.

This treasure can be obtained by leveling The International 2018 Battle Pass to 615. It contains items similar to previous Immortal items. Unlike most other treasures, this treasure will reward all items in the treasure, instead of just one. Items in this treasure are Prestige Items, and will not be available to players after The International 2018 ends.



  • All items in this treasure are internally tagged as retro.

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