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Primal Beast
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Heroes Hoodwink minimap icon.png Hoodwink
Places Tomo'kan
Continuum Vault
Characters Aghanim
Species Durana
Items Gleipnir icon.png Gleipnir
Artifacts Continuum Device
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Torn out of his home dimension by those who failed to control him, the Primal Beast arrives in our world in the blighted Mistwoods as an invasive predator, bringing with him all of his rage that he accumulated from aeons' worth of subjugation attempts.


Primal Beast minimap icon.png Primal Beast
Though the deterioration of the Mistwood and its evolution from idyllic expanse to death-filled tanglewild was a slow, wizard-fueled process, most scholars agree the true beginning of the end was marked by the interdimensional arrival of the Primal Beast. A creature hatched into an existence devoid of all feeling but hunger and pain, aeons of carnage shaped the Primal Beast into the apex predator on a planet filled with violent terrors. Desperately banished by would-be masters with failed hopes to control him, the Beast was cast into a new world — one where he could ascend from mere hungry predator into an invasive killing machine with nothing able to stand in his way.

For thousands of years, the Mistwood served as massive stomping ground for the Beast's destructive play — and even the feared durana beasts made for tasty snacks. Indeed, there could be no rivals for the Beast's territory, only minor annoyances. Until one such tiny annoyance employed vile trickery to trap the unstoppable Beast in the Gleipnir.

There he might have remained subdued for eternity, were it not for the unpredictable powers of the Continuum Device. Now, freed from both Gleipnir and Vault, far afield from the Mistwood, and much closer to inhabited lands, the Beast sets his snout towards new slaughters and the delights of savage destruction — and the paltry fires of civilization will do little to keep this ageless monster at bay.

Personality and Mannerisms[]

  • The Primal Beast used to be a dumb creature that feels naught but hunger and pain. Following his banishment and escape from imprisonment, he now feels delight in carnage and destruction as well as unbridled rage.
  • Although animals will usually leave civilization and humanity alone when unprovoked, this is not the case for the Primal Beast. Apparently, this beast has gone mad,[1] and now eats anything he sees and destroys everything that isn't food.
  • This beast can be single-minded when hunting prey, ignoring anything between himself and his sole victim.
  • An untamed creature that has escaped and resisted every attempt at controlling him, the Primal Beast hates being controlled and will not hesitate to deliver punishment for that.



Durana Slithereen


Hoodwink minimap icon.png Hoodwink Gleipnir icon.png Gleipnir

Other Characteristics[]

The roar of the Primal Beast can unleash a gale-force exhalation powerful enough to blow a Hill Troll Priest away.

The mere arrival of the Primal Beast affected the jungle denizens' will, imbuing them with power and the same savagery and aggressiveness of the Primal Beast.[2]






Rock Throw


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