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Primal Beast
Strength attribute symbol
Agility attribute symbol
Intelligence attribute symbol
26 + 4.3
15 + 1
16 + 1.4
Level 0 1 15 25 30
Health 20 592 1912 3122 3628
+0.25 +2.85 +8.87 +14.37 +16.72
Mana 80 272 500 812 920
+0 +0.8 +1.78 +3.08 +3.53
Armor 2 4.5 6.83 10.5 11.67
Magic Resist 25% 26.6% 28.56% 31.16% 32.06%
Damage Block 16 (50%)






Attack Rate 0.56/s 0.64/s 0.72/s 0.84/s 0.88/s
Attack Range Melee 150 (400)
Attack Speed ▶️ 100 (1.8s BAT)
Attack Animation 0.6 + 0.7
Projectile Speed Instant
Move Speed ▶️ 310 (Nighttime 340)
Turn Rate Takes 0.262s to turn 180°. 0.6
Collision Size 27
Bound Radius 24
Vision Range (G) 1800 (Nighttime 800)
Gib Type Default
Internal npc_dota_hero_primal_beast
Stomps over everything and smashes enemies into messy bits.
An ancient beast awakened from a long slumber, he uses a wide array of savagely cunning abilities which can impede the enemy groups. Rushing savagely through enemies and allies alike, Primal Beast Tramples into battle as one born to raise a ruckus. An unavoidable threat amidst any fray, the Uproared Beast can punish attackers and Hurl Massive Rocks at them with ease. It relishes grabbing prey and Pulverizing them against the ground until nothing but mush remains. A fearsome beast, the Primal Beast shows no mercy to his helpless prey as the epitome of a true apex predator.
Rock Throw
Rock Throw
Roles: Initiator Initiator Durable Durable Disabler Disabler
Complexity: Hero Complexity
Adjectives: BadTeeth, Red, Nose
Legs ( 2 )


Primal Beast minimap iconPrimal Beast
Though the deterioration of the Mistwood and its evolution from idyllic expanse to death-filled tanglewild was a slow, wizard-fueled process, most scholars agree the true beginning of the end was marked by the interdimensional arrival of the Primal Beast. A creature hatched into an existence devoid of all feeling but hunger and pain, aeons of carnage shaped the Primal Beast into the apex predator on a planet filled with violent terrors. Desperately banished by would-be masters with failed hopes to control him, the beast was cast into a new world — one where he could ascend from mere hungry predator into an invasive killing machine with nothing able to stand in his way.

For thousands of years, the Mistwood served as massive stomping ground for the beast's destructive play — and even the feared durana beasts made for tasty snacks. Indeed, there could be no rivals for the beast's territory, only minor annoyances. Until one such tiny annoyance employed vile trickery to trap the unstoppable Beast in the Gleipnir.

There he might have remained subdued for eternity, were it not for the unpredictable powers of the Continuum Device. Now, freed from both Gleipnir and Vault, far afield from the Mistwood, and much closer to inhabited lands, the beast sets his snout towards new slaughters and the delights of savage destruction — and the paltry fires of civilization will do little to keep this ageless monster at bay.


Onslaught icon
Enemies / Allies
Primal Beast charges up and then runs in the chosen direction, knocking back enemies and allies alike. Enemy units are damaged and stunned on impact. The longer the charge duration, the farther Primal Beast's momentum will carry him.

Can be cancelled at any time with the Stop command.
Cast Range: Global
Min Charge Distance: 100
Max Charge Distance: 2000
Effect Radius: Affected by AoE Radius bonuses. 190
Damage: 90/180/270/360 (Talent 180/270/360/450)
Knockback Distance: Affected by AoE Radius bonuses. 200
Knockback Duration: 0.2
Turn Rate During Charge: 50°
Max Charge Duration: 1.7
Stun Duration: 0.8/1/1.2/1.4
Cooldown symbol
Mana symbol
Does not pierce debuff immunity.
The forced movement is instantly canceled.
Cannot be cast while rooted or leashed.
Root Notes:
Cannot be cast while rooted or leashed.
Getting rooted while charging up cancels the ability, getting leashed does not cancel it.
Getting rooted or leashed while running stops the movement, but not the other effects. The movement may resume once the root expires.
Modifiers [?]
The Beast's single-minded focus on chosen prey leaves all other considerations scattered in his ruinous wake.

  • Primal Beast is disarmed during Onslaught. Attack orders behave like move orders (Keyboard White Mouse Right Right Click or M) while disarmed, causing them to change the direction as well.
  • Moves Primal Beast forward at a speed of 1200. This affects the following things while charging:
    • Primal Beast does not need to turn in order to cast targeted abilities or items.
    • Can charge through impassable terrain.
  • During the wind-up, Onslaught is canceled in the following conditions:
    • Either by stun, hex, sleep, fear, taunt sources, or is affected by other forced movement sources.
    • When Primal Beast turns invulnerable or hidden, or upon death.
    • Silence does not cancel the wind-up, but prevents using the Begin Onslaught icon Begin Onslaught sub-ability to start the charge early.
    • However, the charge can still be started early with the previously mentioned orders.
  • Stun, taunt and hex sources do not cancel the charge but prevent Primal Beast from changing directions.
    • Additionally, stun pauses Onslaught's charge, and Primal Beast continues charging once the stun duration expires.
  • While charging, Onslaught can be canceled in the following conditions:
    • When Primal Beast is given any targeted order that interrupts channeling abilities, including Hold (H) and Stop (S) commands.
    • If Primal Beast gets slept, feared, or is affected by other forced movement sources.
    • When channeling Town Portal Scroll icon Teleport.
  • The max charge distance cannot be increased with cast range bonuses.
  • For better readability, the turn rate is given as degrees per second, instead of radians per 0.03 seconds.
    • During the charge, 50° degrees per second equals 0.87 radians, which is a turn rate of 0.044.
  • Every enemy (except Roshan icon Roshan) coming within 190 range of Primal Beast while charging gets damaged, knocked back, and stunned.
    • Allies are only knocked back. Does not interrupt allied channeling abilities.
    • Units are knocked 200 range away from Primal Beast over 0.2 seconds. Can knock units over impassable terrain.
  • Onslaught first applies the damage, then the knockback, and then the stun.
  • Destroys trees within 100 radius around Primal Beast while charging, and around units during the knockback.

Begin Onslaught
Does not proc any on-cast effects when cast. QG
Begin Onslaught icon
No Target
Begins the rush to the specified location.
Max Windup Time: 2.2
Turn Rate During Windup: 70°
Cooldown symbol
Mana symbol

  • Replaces Onslaught icon Onslaught until the sub-ability is used or the wind-up ends.
  • For better readability, the turn rate is given as degrees per second, instead of radians per 0.03 seconds.
    • 70° degrees per second equals 1.22 radians, which is a turn rate of 0.061.
  • The direction can be changed with a move order (Keyboard White Mouse Right Right Click or M).
    • A line indicator with a width of 2000 is cast in front of Primal Beast while winding up, showing the path Primal Beast will take.
    • The line's length extends the longer Onslaught is wound up, indicating the charge distance based on the wind-up time.
    • The indicator is visible to the player only. Neither allies nor enemies can see it.
  • During the wind-up, if Primal Beast is given any order that cancels channeling abilities, the wind-up ends and the charge begins.
    • This means non-targeted abilities that do not interrupt channeling (e.g. Shadow Blade icon Shadow Walk) do not end the wind-up.
    • If ended by a targeted order, the order may get executed while charging if the target comes within range, considering no other orders are given while charging.
  • Goes into a 0.3-second cooldown right after Onslaught is cast, this is to prevent accidental double-casts prematurely ending the wind-up.

Trample icon
No Target
Enemies / Self
Primal Beast stomps over everything. For every 140 units traveled, all enemies around the Beast receive damage. Deals base damage plus a multiplier of Primal Beast's attack damage. Primal Beast is disarmed for the duration of the ability.
Radius: Affected by AoE Radius bonuses. 230
Distance Required per Stomp: 140
Distance Cap: 500
Base Damage: 15/30/45/60
Attack Damage as Damage: 35% (Talent 55%)
Duration: 5.5
Talent Magic Resistance Bonus: 25%
Talent Slow Immunity Duration: 5.5
Cooldown symbol
 30/27/24/21 (Talent 25/22/19/16)
Mana symbol
Modifiers [?]
As the only member of his species to arrive on this world, locals can only speculate on the Beast's size relative to his kin. Such observation would prove easier of course if the subject didn't eat everything it sees and destroy most of what it doesn't.

  • Does not interrupt Primal Beast's channeling abilities upon cast.
  • Primal Beast is disarmed for the duration.
    • TALENT
      Increases Primal Beast's magic resistance to 43.75% while active.
    • Stacks multiplicatively with other sources of magic resistance.
  • Immediately stomps once upon cast, without requiring to move.
    • This only happens upon receiving the buff, refreshing the buff does not cause another immediate stomp.
  • Trample releases a single pulse when Primal Beast collectively moves a distance of 140 on the x and y-axis.
    • This includes forced movement sources and teleporting effects, including Blink-based abilities as well.
    • Teleporting effects may only add up to 140 range to the distance counter, no matter how far the actual teleported distance was.
    • This means teleporting a distance of 280 still results in one stomp, and not multiple times based on the entire distance.
    • When Primal Beast moves or teleport a distance greater than 500 within 0.1 seconds, it does not stomp.
  • Considering default movement speed of 310, Trample can stomp up to 2.21 times per second.
    • For how many stomps per second Primal Beast can perform at varying movement speed values, please refer to the chart below.
  • Does not perform instant attacks. Trample deals regular spell damage within the area.
    • This means they do not trigger any attack modifier or on-hit effects, and ignore evasion.
    • Only flat bonus attack damage sources from Primal Beast can increase the damage dealt.
      • Other attack damage bonus sources (e.g. Sidekick icon Sidekick or percentages bonuses) are not considered.
      • The attack damage as damage value is not capped at 0 attack damage, meaning if Primal Beast has negative attack damage, Trample deals 0 damage per stomp.
    • The average damage dealt can be defined as
      15/30/45/60 + Self(MainAtk + BonusAtk) × 35% (Talent 55%)
    • This means it is affected by outgoing spell damage amplification and can spell lifesteal.
  • Destroys trees around Primal Beast while active.
    Sets Primal Beast's current movement speed as its base movement speed for the buff duration.
    • Fully overrides any flat or percentage-based movement speed reductions on Primal Beast, from items and abilities alike.
    • Does not work against roots sources, trapping barriers and other set movement speed effects.

Uproar icon
No Target
Self / Enemies
Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. Physical
The Beast's temper passively provides bonus damage. Additionally, for every instance of 50 damage or more Primal Beast takes from enemy heroes, he accumulates stacks of Uproar.

When activated, Primal Beast releases a roar that slows surrounding enemies and grants the Beast additional attack damage and armor for 7 seconds based on his current stacks of Uproar.
Passive Component
Base Attack Damage Bonus: 5/10/15/20
Max Stacks: 5
Stack Gain Damage Threshold: 50
Roar Radius: Affected by AoE Radius bonuses. 900
Roar Attack Damage Bonus per Stack: 10/20/30/40
Roar Armor Bonus per Stack: 2/3/4/5 (Talent 9/10/11/12)
Roar Move Speed Slow per Stack: 8%
Roar Slow Duration: 3
Roar Buff Duration: 7
Stacks Duration: 20
With Aghanim's Scepter Number of Waves: 3
With Aghanim's Scepter Wave Projectiles per Stack: 2
With Aghanim's Scepter Damage per Line: 100
With Aghanim's Scepter Wave Split Delay: 1.25
With Aghanim's Scepter Break Duration on Hit: 2.5
Cooldown symbol
Mana symbol
Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter.
Aghanim's Scepter Upgrade:
When Primal Beast activates Uproar, he releases 3 waves of 2 projectiles per stack of uproar each in a circle around him. Projectiles deal damage and Break enemies hit. After a short delay, each projectile splinters in two.
Partially disabled by Break.
Break Notes:
Prevents gaining new stacks.
If Break is applied by an attack, Uproar does not gain a stack from that attack either.
Does not disable the passive attack damage bonus.
Cannot be used by illusions.
Illusion Notes:
Illusions cannot gain stacks.
Illusions do not benefit from the flat attack damage bonus.
Modifiers [?]
Already draped in a broken patchwork of barding and chains upon appearing in the mistwoods, the Beast tolerates no further attempts at subjugation.
Uproar (none) iconUproar iconUproar (max) icon
Uproar statuses:
0 stacks
1 to 4 stacks
Max stacks
Uproar Aghs Size

Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. Uproar damaging line shows in left. The right is a single damaging line size.

  • Uproar passively gains a stack when Primal Beast collectively takes 50 damage (after all reductions).
    • Counts player-based damage values of all 3 damage types between 20 – 2000 that is dealt to Primal Beast.
    • The damage counter does not count damage flagged as HP Removal (e.g. Dispersion icon Dispersion).
    • The damage counter and all stacks reset if no damage has been taken in the last 20 seconds.
    • Any exceeding damage is completely ignored, this means if an enemy deals an instance of 100 damage, it gains only one stack.
    • Gaining a new stack refreshes the duration of already existing stacks.
    • Does not gain any stacks while on cooldown.
    • Treats Roshan icon Roshan-based damage as creep-based damage.
  • The passive buff is always present but is hidden when having no stacks.
    • The ability icon changes at 0 stacks, 1 – 4 stacks, and at 5 stacks.
    • Also plays a sound effect when reaching 5 stacks, audible to the player only.
    • A number on the icon shows how many stacks Primal Beast currently has.
  • Uproar cannot be cast while having no stacks.
    • Uproar does not interrupt Primal Beast's channeling abilities upon cast.
    • When cast, goes on a 7-second cooldown. The cooldown timer on the ability icon is displayed in red.
    • This cooldown is not affected by any cooldown reduction and cooldown reset sources, however, it is affected by Time Dilation icon Time Dilation.
    • Although the buff upon cast is dispellable, doing so does not affect the cooldown.
  • Grants Primal Beast flat bonus attack damage, bonus armor and a basic dispel upon cast.
    • Grants Primal Beast 50/100/150/200 attack damage and 10/15/20/25 (Talent 45/50/55/60) armor at max stacks.
    • Slows enemy movement speed by 40% at max stacks.
    • For how much attack damage and armor Primal Beast gains and enemies are slowed per stack, please refer to the chart below.
  • The slow debuff on enemies has a number visible on it, showing them how many stacks Primal Beast had upon cast.
    • However, the buff on Primal Beast does not have a number on it.
  • Uproar releases 3 waves of damaging lines upon cast.
    • Creates a damaging line on every 180°th/90°th/60°th/45°th/36°th based the number of Uproar stacks.
    • The distance between the damaging lines is always even, and is centered on and follows Primal Beast for the full duration. Lines are also created upon Primal Beast's death location.
    • The area of every single damaging line is shaped like a cone. Upon cast, a total of 2 lines are released towards the east and the west of Primal Beast, and the others adapt accordingly.
  • The damaging lines travel at a speed of 500 and has an effect width of 75.
    • After travelling for 625 distance in 1.25 seconds, the initial damaging line splints from one to two with a 30° angle.
    • The newly splintered lines use the same travel distance and travel speed and do not further splinter.
    • Although the total effect radius is 1400, units within certain cone areas might not be damaged.
    • Each damaging line cannot hit the same unit more than once per cast upon expanding.
      • Splintered lines are considered as new lines, and reapplies the damage if the unit is hit by the newly splintered lines, following the same notes as above.
    • The lines first deal damage, then apply Break on the affected unit.

Rock Throw icon
Primal Beast throws a rock at the target location that stuns and damages enemies. The rock cannot be thrown within a minimum range of Primal Beast. After landing, the throck splits into 3 additional fragments that land behind the initial target location.
Cast Animation: 0.5+0.5
Cast Range: Affected by Cast Range bonuses. 1800
Min Distance: 550
Initial Impact Radius: Affected by AoE Radius bonuses. 225
Fragment Impact Radius: Affected by AoE Radius bonuses. 185
Number of Fragments: 3
Fragment Effect Delay: 0.5
Damage: 325
Stun Duration: 1.4
Uproar icon Uproar
Stack per Hero Hit: 1
Cooldown symbol
Mana symbol
Modifiers [?]
Ability Draft Notes
Ability Draft Notes:
Upgradable by Aghanim's Shard.
Requires drafting Pulverize icon Pulverize to be unlocked.
Rock Throw Visualized Attachment

Initial impact and fragments impact visualized.

  • The projectile has a min and max travel time of 0.45 – 1.5 seconds respectively, and no set projectile speed.
    • This means at min distance and default max cast range, it has a travel speed of 1222.22 - 1200 respectively.
  • Upon selecting the ability, a red circle appears around Primal Beast, indicating the minimum distance.
    • The min distance is not affected by cast range bonuses.
  • Upon initial projectile impact, another 3 red circles appear 525 distance behind the initial impact radius, indicating the fragment impact radius that will happen in 0.5 seconds later.
  • The initial impact radius and fragment impact radius indicator can only be seen by allies.
  • Grants 1 Uproar icon Uproar stack per hit hero.
    • Treat clones, illusions and creep-heroes as heroes.
    • As long as Rock Throw hit heroes stun actually, Primal Beast will gain stack regardless the distance, damage value.
      • Therefore, debuff immunity enemies will grant stack, but invlunerable enemies can not.
  • Rock Throw first applies the damage, the debuff, then the self Uproar buff.

Pulverize icon
Primal Beast channels his rage, grabbing the target enemy and slamming them into the ground repeatedly, damaging and mini-stunning any enemies caught in the AoE. Each consecutive hit deals bonus damage. Lasts 2.3 seconds.
Cast Range: Affected by Cast Range bonuses. 200
Slam Radius: Affected by AoE Radius bonuses. 600
Max Channel Time: 2.3 (Talent 3.841)
Slam Interval: 0.75
Damage: 125/175/225
Damage Increment per Slam: 20/40/60
Slam Stun Duration: 0.2
Cooldown symbol
Mana symbol
Upgradable by Aghanim's Shard.
Aghanim's Shard Upgrade:
Grants the Rock Throw ability.
Modifiers [?]
Though none are certain whether his utterances have true meaning, most concede the Beast's powerful grip and tendency to smash his enemies into naught but pulp and pieces communicates his intent well enough.

  • The targeting reticule must be centered over an enemy unit.
  • Fully disables the target as long as it is channeled.
  • Teleports the target 200 distance in front of Primal Beast upon cast.
    • Does not teleport Roshan icon Roshan upon cast, but teleports him once the channeling stops in any way.
  • Slams the target in 0.75-second intervals, starting 0.75 seconds after cast, resulting in up to 3 (Talent 5) instances.
    • Can deal up to the following damage per slam (before reductions) to the target and enemies within the radius:
      • LEVEL 1
      • LEVEL 2
      • LEVEL 3
    • Can deal a total of 435/645/855 (Talent 825/1275/1725) damage for its entire duration.
  • Pulverize first applies the damage, then the stun.
  • During Pulverize, the target cannot be affected by any forced movement sources.
    • Despite the target being rotated along the x-axis and z-axis when it hits the ground, and its model being Pulverized face down towards Primal Beast, the target's facing direction is not changed in any way.
    • On each slam, the affected target is being moved up 350 ‒ 500 distance and the same approximate distance values down along the z-axis, and can be affected by distance-based abilities (e.g. Rupture icon Rupture).
  • Pulverize ends immediately if the target gets teleported or is affected by fear, or when Primal Beast is being moved more than 200 distance.
    • It also ends if Pounce icon Pounce or Soulbind icon Soulbind expire on the target during Pulverize.
  • When cast on Roshan icon Roshan, Primal Beast does not slam him into the ground but instead throws punches at him.
    • This animation difference only has cosmetic purposes, the ability still applies all its effects normally.
  • Uses a different and louder sound effect when cast on heroes.
  • Only slams the primary target. The secondary target is teleported next to the primary target when the duration ends.

Trample Calculations[]

Trample icon Trample Interval Calculations
MS 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 275 300 325 350 375 400 425 450 475 500 525 550
Stomps / Second 0.71 0.89 1.07 1.25 1.43 1.61 1.79 1.96 2.14 2.32 2.5 2.68 2.86 3.04 3.21 3.39 3.57 3.75 3.93

Uproar Calculations[]

Uproar icon Uproar Attack Damage Bonus Attack Damage at nth Stack
Level 1 2 3 4 5
Level 1 15 25 35 45 55
Level 2 30 50 70 90 110
Level 3 45 75 105 135 165
Level 4 60 100 140 180 220
Uproar icon Uproar Armor Bonus Armor at nth Stack
Level 1 2
(Talent 9)
(Talent 18)
(Talent 27)
(Talent 36)
(Talent 45)
Level 2 3
(Talent 10)
(Talent 20)
(Talent 30)
(Talent 40)
(Talent 50)
Level 3 4
(Talent 11)
(Talent 22)
(Talent 33)
(Talent 44)
(Talent 55)
Level 4 5
(Talent 12)
(Talent 24)
(Talent 36)
(Talent 48)
(Talent 60)
Uproar icon Uproar Movement Speed Movement Speed Slow at nth Stack
All Levels 8% 16% 24% 32% 40%


Hero Talents
+67% Pulverize icon Pulverize Duration25Cannot be slowed or rooted during Trample icon Trample
+7 Uproar icon Uproar Armor Per Stack20+20% Trample icon Trample Attack Multiplier
Beast dispels himself when activating Uproar icon Uproar15-5s Trample icon Trample Cooldown
+25% Magic Resistance During Trample icon Trample10+90 Onslaught icon Onslaught Damage

Recent Changes[]

Main Articles: Changelogs, Old Abilities and Hero Lore
  • Aghanim's Shard icon Aghanim's Shard upgrade:
    • Rock Throw icon Rock Throw
      • Reduced max travel time from 1.7 to 1.5.
      • Reduced fragment distance from 600 to 525.
      • Increased fragment effect radius from 150 to 185.
      • Reduced fragment effect delay from 0.6 to 0.5.
  • Increased Trample icon Trample mana cost from 90/85/80/75 to 90 on each level.
  • Increased Pulverize icon Pulverize cooldown from 36/32/28 to 40/36/32.
  • Reduced Uproar icon Uproar passive attack damage bonus from 6/12/18/24 to 5/10/15/20.

Recommended Items[]

Dota Plus Progress[]

Main Article: Hero Challenges

Relics track a hero's actions and statistics, and display in-game notifications when a milestone is reached. They are only available to Dota Plus subscribers.

Relics Voice Lines
Relic Rare icon
Kills During Uproar icon Uproar
Relic Rare icon
Multi Hero Onslaught icon Onslaught Hits
Relic Rare icon
Kills During Pulverize icon Pulverize
Relic Rare icon
Hit Allies With Onslaught icon Onslaught
Relic strength icon
Pulverize icon Pulverize Damage
Relic strength icon
Trample icon Trample Damage
Relic strength icon
Blink Dagger icon Blink Leading To Kills
Relic strength icon
Channel Canceled
Relic strength icon
Kills During Black King Bar icon Black King Bar
Relic strength icon
Stuns Leading To Kills
Relic strength icon
Last Hits
Relic strength icon
Mega Kill Streaks
Relic strength icon
Kill Assists
Relic strength icon
Plus Hero Badge 1
Plus Hero Badge 2
Plus Hero Badge 3
Plus Hero Badge 4
Plus Hero Badge 5
Plus Hero Badge 6



  • The Primal Beast first debuted in Aghanim's Labyrinth: The Continuum Conundrum as the event's final boss, appearing several months before he was released as a playable hero.
  • An easter egg was added before the hero release, where at the game start, all heroes were stunned followed by a Roar.
  • The Primal Beast is likely based on early concepts of a unreleased hero "Wyvern Outrider" developed during the DotA era.
  • The Primal Beast wears three skulls on the "barding" that he wears as a sign of his previous imprisonment, possibly as trophies.
    • Connected to one of his back-plates is the skull of what appears to be a Slithereen, Slardar minimap icon Slardar's race.
    • Shackled to his left leg is the skull of what appears to be a rhino's resembling that of Frull's, the Shopkeeper's trusty beast of burden. Often mistaken for 20px|link=Magnus|class=noprint Magnus' skull, the longer skull and the hole in its horn where her ring is supposed to be is proof that this is indeed Frull's skull, two features that Magnus lacks.
    • On his right shoulder is another rhino-like skull. This one may or may not be a Magnoceroi skull.
  • Hoodwink minimap icon Hoodwink's response upon buying Gleipnir icon Gleipnir, ▶️ "Wait, if the Gleipnir's here. Then he's... I gotta go." is a reference to Primal Beast who she had chained up with it.
    • This in return may be a reference to the item being based on the Gleipnir artifact from Norse mythology that leashed the demon wolf Fenrir to prevent him from starting Ragnarok.