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Power Treads is an item purchasable at the Base Shop, under Accessories.

Components required from the Base Shop
Power Treads
Power Treads icon
Power Treads icon
Power Treads (Strength) icon
Power Treads (Agility) icon
Power Treads (Intelligence) icon
A pair of tough-skinned boots that change to meet the demands of the wearer.
Cost 1400 Gold
Sell Value Full price refunded within 10s. 700 Gold
Active Switch Attribute
Bonus ? +55 Melee Move Speed
+45 Ranged Move Speed
+25 Attack Speed
Shareable No
Disassemble No
Usage Alert ? No
Power Treads (1400)
Boots of Speed (500)
Gloves of Haste (450)
Belt of Strength (450)

Additional Information[]

  • Movement speed bonuses from multiple pairs of Boots of Speed icon Boots of Speed-based items do not stack, the one with a higher value takes priority.
  • Stacks with all other movement speed bonus.
  • There are three ways to assemble Power Treads. Based on which item is chosen, the boot's initial Strength attribute symbol / Agility attribute symbol / Intelligence attribute symbol attribute status is different. The status can be switched with Power Treads icon Switch Attribute freely after purchase.
    • When listed in quickbuy, the item's assembly components are based on the hero's primary attribute.
    • Disassembling Power Treads returns the items which were originally used to build it. It is not based on the currently selected attribute.

Item Bonuses[]

Power Treads provide 10 and 7 main attack damage for Strength attribute symbol strength / Agility attribute symbol agility / Intelligence attribute symbol intelligence and Universal attribute symbol universal heroes respectively, along with 45 Ranged / 55 Melee movement speed and the following total bonuses:

Treads Ingredients Bonuses
Strength attribute symbol Strength
Power Treads (Strength) (1400) Treads
Boots of Speed (500) + Gloves of Haste (450) + Belt of Strength (450)
Agility attribute symbol Agility
Power Treads (Agility) (1400) Treads
Boots of Speed (500) + Gloves of Haste (450) + Band of Elvenskin (450)
Intelligence attribute symbol Intelligence
Power Treads (Intelligence) (1400) Treads
Boots of Speed (500) + Gloves of Haste (450) + Robe of the Magi (450)


Switch Attribute
Can be used by illusions.
No Target
Switches between +10 Strength, +10 Agility, or +10 Intelligence.
Selected Attribute Bonus: 10
Cooldown symbol
Mana symbol
Can be used by illusions.
Illusion Notes:
Illusions copy the current state of Power Treads on creation.

  • Interrupts the caster's channeling abilities upon cast.
    • When having multiple Power Treads, each of them can be switched individually. The attribute bonuses fully stack.
  • Current health and mana percentages stay unchanged upon switching attributes.
  • Divided We Stand icon Meepo Clones cannot cast this ability, but the clones instantly update their Power Threads when the Meepo minimap icon Meepo Prime switches the item's attributes.

Recommended Heroes[]

Meepo icon
  • All Divided We Stand icon Meepo Clones benefit from the attribute bonus of Power Treads.

Carries that don't need additional movement speed to chase generally do better with Power Treads than Phase Boots icon Phase Boots.

[[No results|110px|link=Anti-MageUnknown Hero icon]]
[[No results|110px|link=BloodseekerUnknown Hero icon]]
Chaos Knight icon
Chaos Knight
Dragon Knight icon
Dragon Knight
[[No results|110px|link=Drow RangerUnknown Hero icon]]
Drow Ranger
[[No results|110px|link=Faceless VoidUnknown Hero icon]]
Faceless Void
[[No results|110px|link=HuskarUnknown Hero icon]]
Luna icon
Legion Commander icon
Legion Commander
[[No results|110px|link=MuertaUnknown Hero icon]]


Offensive intelligence heroes who benefit more from attack damage and attack speed than mana replenishment generally do better with Power Treads than Arcane Boots icon Arcane Boots.


Recent Changes[]

  • Increased Gloves of Haste icon Gloves of Haste cost from 400 Gold to 450 Gold (total cost increases from 1350 Gold to 1400 Gold).