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Phoenix minimap icon.png Phoenix
Alone across an untouched darkness gleamed the Keeper's first sun, a singular point of conscious light fated to spread warmth into the empty void. Through aeons beyond count, this blinding beacon set to coalescing its incalculable energy before bursting forth the cataclysmic flare of supernova. From this inferno raced new beacons, star progeny identical to its parent, who journeyed an unlit ocean and settled in constellatory array. In time, they too would be made to propagate through supernova flame. So would this dazzling cycle of birth and rebirth repeat until all skies hewn of Titan toil deigned to twinkle and shine.

By this ageless crucible the star that mortals would come to call Phoenix collapsed into being, and like its ancestors was thrust into an endless cosmos to find a place among its stellar brethren. Yet curiosity toward that which the dimming elders comfort in the darkness consumed the fledgling, and so over long cycles it inquired and studied. It learned that among worlds both whole and broken would soon stir a nexus of remarkable variety locked in an enduring conflict of cosmic consequence, a plane which would find itself in need of more influence than a dying sun's distant rays could provide. Thus this infant son of suns took terrestrial form, eagerly travelling to shine its warmth upon those who may need it most, and perhaps seize upon its solar destiny.
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Associated With
Heroes Keeper of the Light minimap icon.png Keeper of the Light
Dawnbreaker minimap icon.png Dawnbreaker
Snapfire minimap icon.png Snapfire
Races Stars
Places Scintillant Waste
Gods Children of Light
  • Bristleback minimap icon.png Bristleback refers to Phoenix as an "elemental".[1]
  • Despite having an animalistic appearance and behavior, Phoenix is surprisingly shrewd when it comes to trading. [2]


Phoenix was responsible for bringing Dawnbreaker minimap icon.png Dawnbreaker back to life after the spark within her was destroyed by Io. When Phoenix soared across the cosmos, his spark passed by the solar forge that contained her life essence, reigniting the spark of Dawnbreaker.[3]

Phoenix once had the relics Solar Forge and the Solar Gyre in his possession. Lost from him in some point in time, he later recovered the first relic, but the second one was dug up and found by Mortimer, Snapfire minimap icon.png Snapfire's dragon toad friend. Snapfire then traded it away to Phoenix, who was said to be "surprisingly shrewd".

Friendships and rivalries[]

Allies meeting Phoenix

  • ▶️ Arc Warden minimap icon.png r Phoenix, your light glittered from the afar as Self traveled the cosmos.
  • ▶️ Crystal Maiden minimap icon.png r I'll freeze them and you shatter, Phoenix.
  • ▶️ Enigma minimap icon.png r Flame and gravity make a star, Phoenix.
  • ▶️ Gyrocopter minimap icon.png r Whatever you do Phoenix, don't sneeze.
  • ▶️ Gyrocopter minimap icon.png u Pour on the heat, Phoenix!
  • ▶️ ▶️ Monkey King minimap icon.png r Don't take this the wrong way, Phoenix, but if one of us has to die, I'd rather it be you.
  • ▶️ ▶️ Terrorblade minimap icon.png r Phoenix, what kind of being are you?
  • ▶️ Terrorblade minimap icon.png u Phoenix, what kind of being are you?
  • ▶️ Winter Wyvern minimap icon.png r The sky is on fire, Phoenix!
  • ▶️ Winter Wyvern minimap icon.png r Keep your flames under control in my presence.
  • ▶️ Wraith King minimap icon.png r Ah, Phoenix, one who knows what it's like to fall and rise again.

Enemies killing Phoenix

Enemies dying to Phoenix

  • ▶️ Windranger minimap icon.png I knew I should have worn sun protection.



  1. Bristleback response: ▶️ I thought elementals were stronger than that.
  2. Solar Gyre description.
  3. Dawnbreaker response: ▶️ Thank you, young one. Without your light, the solar forge would have never called to me.