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Pennants have been ignored since The International 2 ended and were replaced by the Favorite Team feature in The International 2017 Battle Pass.
Team Pennants
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Rarity: Mythical

Show your support by buying this Team Pennant! Equip it in the 'fan slot' of your Player Loadout to show other spectators who you're rooting for. Upgrade it to show you mean business! In addition, equipping a pennant makes you eligible for item drops while you spectate your team's matches live during Valve supported tournaments. Pennants can be combined with other Pennants to upgrade your Team Pennant fan level. The level of your Team Pennant will increase the total fan value of the team when you are spectating a Tournament match.

Pennants are equippable items that allow users to show support for a team during tournaments, by increasing a team's Fan Level - visible in-game to other DotaTV users. First introduced and utilized during The International 2,[1] designated tournaments additionally allowed for pennant holders to receive item drops. Anybody wearing a pennant representing any of the two teams involved in matches were eligible to receive tournament items from events such as first blood and multikills during that match - events are team-independent, e.g. in a game Na'Vi VS. IG, a player wearing a Na`Vi pennant can receive drops from events triggered by iG. Item drops are no longer part of the pennant system.

  • There's no slot for Pennants anymore.
  • Pennants does not increase the chances at receiving a tournament drop anymore.
  • Pennants count from viewer still increase if there's a pennant in viewer's inventory.

Pennant Upgrade[]

The Pennant Upgrade is a separate item that allows the user to upgrade the level of their Pennants by one, which can be done multiple times, consuming the item. Increasing the level of the Pennant is represented in the Fan Level ticker during matches, but does not increase the chances at receiving a tournament drop.

  • Pennant Upgrade system has been removed.

Available Pennants[]

Unavailable Pennants[]


Pennants can be leveled up by ?? to ??





  • While originally all 18 teams participating in The International 2 were supposed to get Pennants, only 16 teams got them. Moscow Five.BenQ and Mortal Teamwork both didn't receive a Pennant in the Dota 2 Store, due to paperwork issues.