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Pangolier minimap icon.png Donté Panlin, the Pangolier
The men and women that make up the Nivan Gallants live a life of swordplay, chandelier swinging, and tawdry romance. And while all adhere to their creed that "A life of adventure is the only life worth living," the exploits of Donté Panlin still manage to raise the eyebrows of even the most hedonistic of swordsmen.

There is no monster he won’t slay. No creature he won’t woo. No tyrant he won’t stand against. And no noble immune to his silver tongue.
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Heroes Leshrac minimap icon.png Leshrac
Lion minimap icon.png Lion
Ursa minimap icon.png Ursa
Bristleback minimap icon.png Bristleback
Bounty Hunter minimap icon.png Bounty Hunter
Disruptor minimap icon.png Disruptor
Enchantress minimap icon.png Enchantress
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Dark Willow minimap icon.png Dark Willow
Factions Nivan Gallants
Marrowfell Hunters
Places Revtel
White Spire
Characters Etienne Swiftguard
Sorla Khan
Brass Herald

Donté Panlin is a swashbuckling, fun-loving rogue who relishes danger and adventure.[1] A member of the Nivan Gallants, he roams the world in search of righteous challenges, fighting tyrants, slaying monsters, while chiding nobles with his sharp wit.[2] Bound by a sense of honor, Donte avoids cruelty, unfair fights and picking on the young and disabled.[3][4][5] With humor and charm, Donte projects a stylish flamboyance, and admires others who do the same.[6] He has fought and won many a battle, and gained himself a following of fans.[7] Like those of his order, Donte is fond of wine and easy romance,[8] and possesses a strong sense of loyalty and camaraderie with his brothers.[9] Vanity is no small part of Donte's personality, and he regularly examines his appearance in the mirror.[10] He is right-handed.[11]

Early life[]

Donte Panlin was born to a noble family.[12] Like the others of his race, he is covered in scales, which were soft when he was young, and hardened over time.[13] His scales are desired as a valuable material, possibly for making armor.[14]

Honor and The Nivan Gallants[]

In his youth, Donte joined the Nivan Gallants, an order of hedonistic swordsmen devoted to adventure and fighting injustice. He was mentored by Etienne Swiftguard. As the Gallants battled King Sylak's pyromancers, Etienne was fatally wounded, and with the last of his energy, he gave Donte his musket.[15] Having become a full-fledged member of the Gallants, Donte lives by honor and anti-authority, shunning the biddings of kings and preferring the company of commoners.[16]

As expected of his order, Donte carries himself with chivalrous honor, forsaking needless cruelty whenever possible,[17] and stands against oppression and slavery.[18] He regards his fellow Gallants as brothers and sisters, and feel an duty-bound obligation to them.[19] At the same time, he shares a sense of friendly competition with his brothers, trying to outdo one another's feats.[20]


In his adventures, Donte has fought tyrants and killed many demons.[21] He once sought to kill the mage Vorn, but Azwraith killed him before he got the chance.[22] Although he has no real interest in the conflict between the Ancients, he joined the battle nonetheless out of a desire for glory and adventure.[23]

Donte's journeys take him to all parts of the world. He has been as far as Revtel and Qaldin, seen the arts of the Marrowfell Hunters,[24] and once rolled into a pit of basilisks.[25] He accepts new quests, promising to help Medusa find her kidnapped sisters.[26]

Because of his brash ways, Donte has been named a criminal by many authorities, although he has never been caught.[27] Nevertheless, he feels that unjust laws were meant to be broken, and that his actions were justified.[28] Gondar, working for a mysterious figure called the Brass Herald, has been sent out to hunt him down.[29]

Hobbies and Activities[]

When he's not fighting, Donte appears to have an appreciation for fine cuisine.[30] With his keen sense of smell, he can distinguish the spices of distant lands.[31] He also has a taste for fine wines, particularly the White Wine of Icewrack.[32] In his spare time, he also frequents the race tracks at White Spire.[33]

Donte is a womanizer, and has had relationships with dangerous women before.[34][35] He flirts openly with every female hero he meets,[36][37] and goes as far as to ask Razzil to make him a love potion.[38]


Donte has known Mireska since her early days in Revtel, and remains concerned about her. Seeing her abandon her home for a life of theft and crime, he tries to talk her into taking a different path, and warns her that she is becoming just like her father, whom she hates.[39] When he hears that Gondar has been sent to capture Mireska, he tells him not to harm her and jeopardize her future.[40] Despite this, Mireska hates being lectured, and despises him for it.[41]

Finding allies among other righteous figures, Donte has worked with the likes of Aiushtha and Ursa in the past.[42][43] He has a gentle and diplomatic side, oftening acting as a middleman between two quarreling parties. For example, he advises Yurnero to apologize to Lanaya, his jilted lover,[44] and persuades Lina to reconcile her differences with Rylai, her younger sister.[45]

He has fought numerous challenges, including Sorla Khan of the Red Mist[46] and Sun Wukong, whom he pierced with his rapier by throwing it at him while he was transformed as a tree.[47] Rigwarl is one of Donte's most despised rivals, and he once sliced off his quills in the heat of battle, causing Rigwarl to flee.[48][49]

But not all of his rivalries boil down to simple brawls. Donte has a strong dislike for the evil and demonic, and vows to put down enemies like Rotund'jere for his role in causing mass suffering.[50][51] Even so, Donte appears merciful and willing to give second chances. He has run into Lion before, and warned him that if they should ever meet again, there would be consequences.[52]

Leshrac has a very personal history with Donte, and although details are unclear, he is one of his most hated foes. Long ago, Leshrac did something to a woman in Donte's life, and Donte has not forgiven him since.[53] At the time, Donte let Leshrac live, but made an oath to kill him in revenge the next time he saw him.[54]

Donte appears to have inadvertently insulted Disruptor when he lumped him in with the more violent Oglodi of the Red Mist, and is remorseful about it.[55][56]



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