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Legion Commander minimap icon.png Legion Commander
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Races Demons
Places Seven Hells
Characters Qwyth
Cosmetics Blades of Voth Domosh
Zeal of Omoz Arkosh

Ozkavosh is a language spoken by demons, as well as Tresdin, the Legion Commander minimap icon.png Legion Commander.



Ozkavosh English Phonetic
Ozh Self (I, me, my, mine, etc) OZS
Izh Other person (you, him, her, etc) eezs
Izhai Group (not gender specific) Eesh-HIGH
Ozkavosh Demons and spirits as a group/species oh-ZKAH-vohsh
sa Near object(this, etc) sah
vu Far object (that, etc) voo
doq On (upon, on top of, above, etc) dock
roq Off (not near, etc) rock
doz Below dahz
ahm'[word] Very (modifier for emphasis or severity) ahm-
ashm More ash-m
vo’[word] Negative (modifier for negatives, i.e. not, etc) voh-
Vom Less vohm
acha Current state of being (am, be, now, etc) aH-HHa
icha Future state of being (could, will be, etc) eeH-HHa (kind of rhymes with yeehaw)
ucha Past state of being (was, had been, etc) ooH-HHA
hollom Without (nothing, hollow, etc) HALL-ohm
tak Take (have, own, for a person, etc) tahk
wroth Again (once more, etc) roth (like “moth”)
lash Part (segment, share, etc) lahsh (chew the "a" a bit)
alatho Forward (ahead, etc) AL-ah-tho (soft "th", all air, no voice like “throw”)
ulatho Back (backwards, etc) OOL-ah-tho (soft "th", all air, no voice, like “throw”)
tho At (where you currently are, etc) tho (Soft "th", all air, no voice like “throw”)
sek Come (to self, etc) sec (like "security")
thok Move (go, etc) thock (rhymes with "rock")
fek Stop (cease, etc) feck (rhymes with "wreck")
ses Hide (unseen, etc) sehs ("sis"/"sister" with an e)
hahsh Feel (touch, etc) ("harsh" without the r)
eyik Look at (witness, behold, etc) "EYE-ick"
zomfa leisure (happiness, positive emotions) ZOHM-fah" (long-O sound)
domosh Reign (domination, dominion, kingship, etc) DOH-mosh (dough like bread, mosh like mosh pit)
Arkosh Master (king, etc.) Are-KOHSH
voth War (battle, etc) (rhymes with "goth")
hedoq Desirable (delicious, wanted, etc.) he-DOCK
nith Land (earth, ground, kingdom, etc) nihth (rhymes with “sith”)
gluth Eat (devour, consume, etc) glue-th (rhymes with “Bluth”)
omoz Darkness (abyss, blackness, hell, etc) OH-mohz (almost rhymes with “almost”)
nesh Home (sanctuary, safety, etc) nehsh (like “nest”)
safras Pain (suffer, wound, etc) (like "sassafras")
poz Power (ability, skill, action currently occuring, etc) pohz (like “posh” with a z)
irush Illness (common cold, [with modifier] plague, etc) EE-roosh
sol Hope (light, brightness, the sun, etc) (like “Saul”)
groth Spread (widen, open, welcome, etc) (like “moth”)
greesh Debt (lack thereof, etc) ("grease" but with an "sh")
lieyev Payment (gift, tithe, etc) LIE-ee-yehv
chron [Length of] time “Kron”, rhymes with “on”
rast Toys, puppets, amusements, entertainments, etc. Rhymes with “Last”
miskath Failure (uncompleted, unfinished, etc) miss-KATH (as in “Kathy”)
fol Weakling (whelp, peasant, etc) “fold” without the d.
ensh Know/Learn Like “ensure”.
ov One (one, once, etc) ahv
sav Seven (seventh, anything seven) sahv
kish Excrement, waste, etc.
sof [curses beyond mortal knowledge] (rhymes with "scoff")


Ozkavosh English/context
hroth Unknown
sovoz Unknown
vroshk Unknown
lofath Unknown
iskos Unknown


Doom minimap icon.png Doom[]

Shadow Demon minimap icon.png Shadow Demon[]

Shadow Fiend minimap icon.png Shadow Fiend[]

Terrorblade minimap icon.png Terrorblade[]

Legion Commander minimap icon.png Legion Commander[]

Tresdin learned how to speak Ozkavosh after being given the Blades of Voth Domosh by Qwyth.