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Overgrown Empire
Cosmetic icon Overgrown Empire
Terrain 12921
Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Terrain

A jungle known as Fellstrath to outsiders brave enough to test its borders, this exclusive terrain must be unlocked before The International 2019 Battle Pass ends. This item will never be tradeable or purchasable on the marketplace.
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This terrain is exclusive to players who own The International 2019 Battle Pass and leveled it to 160.


  • Monsoon Weather: Rains intermittently.
  • No Weather: No rain.


Faction Logos[]

Display Radiant icon Radiant Dire icon Dire
Base Tile Overgrown Empire Preview Logo Radiant Overgrown Empire Preview Logo Dire
Banners Overgrown Empire Preview Banner Radiant Overgrown Empire Preview Banner Dire


Kapok 1 Kapok 2 Kapok 3 Kapok 4
Overgrown Empire Tree 1 Preview Overgrown Empire Tree 2 Preview Overgrown Empire Tree 3 Preview Overgrown Empire Tree 4 Preview
Palm 1 Palm 2 Palm 3 Venus Flytrap (Unused)
Desert Terrain Tree 1 Preview Desert Terrain Tree 2 Preview Desert Terrain Tree 3 Preview Overgrown Empire Tree 9 Preview


Great Hornbill Snake
Overgrown Empire Great Hornbill Preview Overgrown Empire Snake Preview


Roshan model Winter Terrain


Root 1 Root 2 Pitcher Plant
Overgrown Empire Prop 1 Preview Overgrown Empire Prop 2 Preview Overgrown Empire Prop 3 Preview


The day/night ambient sounds are layered on top of the soundscapes of the equipped Weather Effect.

Critera Sounds
Radiant's Base
Dire's Base
Roshan's Pit

Weather Effect[]

The Overgrown Empire terrain has its own inbuilt Jungle Weather. This means it does not use the Default Weather when having no custom weather equipped.

Since custom weather effects only replace the default weather sounds, these sounds are not replaced by them, meaning only these ambient sounds play, no matter which weather effect is equipped.

Criteria Sounds


When activating the monsoon weather, equipped custom weather effects do not work at all, so that they cannot be stacked up with the monsoon weather.

The monsoon weather causes sudden heavy downpours with lightnings and strong winds. They happen every randomly throughout the match and last a few minutes, although the first instance always happens at the 5th minute mark.


Weather Harvest
Weather Moonbeam
Weather Pestilence
Weather Rain
Weather Snow
Weather Sirocco
Weather Aurora
Weather Spring
Weather Ash


Overgrown Empire
Associated With
Heroes 20px|link=Dark Willow|class=noprint Dark Willow
Races Mo'rokai
Places Fellstrath
Cosmetics Sentinels of Ruin

The Overgrown Empire was a civilization that flourished inside the jungles of Fellstrath. Its people worshiped the Mo'rokai, a pair of mythical, four-legged beasts with magical powers. Temples to the Mo'rokai can be found in the empire's former lands, its ruins stilled guarded by stone statues, now reanimated by the Ancients.[1] Stone sentinels in the shape of glaring totems stood watch over the empire, and can still be found today.[2] After the civilization fell, the Mo'rokai they worshiped went dormant.

Mireska Sunbreeze, on a journey in search of lost relics, entered the Fellstrath jungles and found her way to the empire's ruins. There, she disturbed the Mo'rokai from their slumber, causing them to rampage across the land in an attempt to destroy the Ancients.[3]