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Outworld Destroyer
Strength attribute symbol
Agility attribute symbol
Intelligence attribute symbol
21 + 2.9
22 + 1.6
30 + 4.2
Level 0 1 15 25 30
Health 20 482 1362 2264 2638
+1 +3.1 +7.16 +11.26 +12.91
Mana 80 440 1136 1784 2060
+0 +1.5 +4.44 +7.14 +8.29
Armor 2.5 6.17 9.9 14.57 16.23
Magic Resist 25% 28% 33.88% 39.28% 41.58%
Damage Block -






Attack Rate 0.53/s 0.64/s 0.76/s 0.91/s 0.96/s
Attack Range Ranged 450 (750)
Attack Speed ▶️ 100 (1.9s BAT)
Attack Animation 0.46 + 0.54
Projectile Speed 900
Move Speed ▶️ 320 (Nighttime 350)
Turn Rate Takes 0.262s to turn 180°. 0.6
Collision Size 27
Bound Radius 24
Vision Range (G) 1800 (Nighttime 800)
Gib Type Ethereal
Internal npc_dota_hero_obsidian_destroyer
Can imprison a hero, making them invulnerable.
Wary of the happenings near the central sun, Harbinger departs from his vigil to take his place on the plains of war. The Outworld Destroyer creates an Essence Flux, balancing the tides of mana between him and his opponents. Stealing from the minds of those in his Astral Imprisonment, Outworld Destroyer turns raw intelligence into destructive power. Weakening enemies with a barrage of Arcane Energy glowing spheres that permeates any shield. Looming above his enemies, he drops the proverbial hammer, extinguishing the unenlightened with the cosmic force of Sanity's Eclipse.
Arcane Orb
Astral Imprisonment
Astral Imprisonment
Essence Flux
Essence Flux
Sanity's Eclipse
Roles: Carry Carry Nuker Nuker Disabler Disabler
Complexity: Hero ComplexityHero Complexity
Adjectives: Arachnophobic, Flying, Green, Wings
Legs ( 4 )


Outworld Destroyer minimap iconHarbinger, the Outworld Destroyer
▶️ "Their sanity I'll shatter; their dreams of conquest I'll destroy."
One of a lordly and magisterial race, Harbinger prowls the edge of the Void, sole surviving sentry of an outpost on the world at the rim of the abyss. From this jagged crystalline Outworld, forever on guard, he has gazed for eternities into the heavens, alert for any stirring in the bottomless night beyond the stars. Imprinted deep in the shining lattices of his intellect lies a resonant pattern akin to prophecy, a dark music implying that eventually some evil will wake out there, beyond the edges of creation, and turn its attention to our world. With his whole being focused on his vigil, Outworld Destroyer paid little attention to events closer in to the sun. But at last the clamor of the Ancients, and a sense of growing threat from within as well as without, sent him winging sunward to visit the plains of war. Harbinger's place in our own prophecies is unambiguous: he must be considered an omen of worse things to come. But his arrival in itself is bad enough.
OD, Harbringer


Arcane Orb
Arcane Orb icon
Adds extra pure damage to Outworld Destroyer's attacks, based on his remaining mana pool.
Cast Range: Affected by Attack Range bonuses. 450
Self Current Mana as Damage: 12%/13%/14%/15% (Talent 14%/15%/16%/17%)
Cooldown symbol
Mana symbol
 20% Current Mana
Modifiers [?]
Ability Draft Notes
Ability Draft Notes:
Uses the caster's current attack range when Autocast.
Manually casting it uses the cast range.
Harbinger's outworldly knowledge allows it to tap into the ebb and flow of all spiritual energy, infusing it into his being.

  • Arcane Orb's cast range can only be further increased by attack range bonuses of the same range type as the caster. It is not affected by cast range bonuses.
    • Both Autocast and manually casting it uses Outworld Destroyer's current attack range.
  • Arcane Orb first deals the spell damage, then the attack damage, but still depends on the attack hitting the target.
  • Checks Outworld Destroyer's current mana upon projectile hit, so increasing or decreasing the mana pool while the projectile flies does affect its damage.

Astral Imprisonment
Astral Imprisonment icon
Enemies / Allies
Places a target unit into an astral prison. The hidden unit is invulnerable and disabled. When the astral prison implodes, it deals damage to the target and steals a percentage of their max mana.
Cast Animation: 0.3+0.4
Cast Range: Affected by Cast Range bonuses. 650 (Talent 750)
Damage: 90/180/270/360
Max Mana Steal: 16%/18%/20%/22% (With Aghanim's Shard 21%/23%/25%/27%)
Imprison Duration: 1.75/2.5/3.25/4
Mana Steal Duration: 30/40/50/60
With Aghanim's Shard Ally Move Speed Slow: 30%
Cooldown symbol
Mana symbol
Upgradable by Aghanim's Shard.
Aghanim's Shard Upgrade:
Grants an additional +5% Mana Capacity steal to Astral Imprisonment. Also allows allies to move at 70% movement speed during Astral Imprisonment (they are visible, but untargettable and can't perform any other actions).
Modifiers [?]
Locked away in the pocket between this world and the Outworld, victims realize their infantile knowledge and mortality.

  • Astral Imprisonment fully disables the target and turns it invulnerable and hidden for its duration.
    • It also slows the affected target's movement speed by 30%. However, this has no effect since the target is fully disabled.
    • Cannot be cast on allies who have Disabled Help from Outworld Destroyer.
    • ↓↓ Double-tapping automatically targets self.
  • Upon cast, Astral Imprisonment first steals the max mana of the affected enemy hero, then applies its damage at the end of the imprisonment duration.
    • Treats the Lone Druid Spirit Bear icon Spirit Bear, clones and illusions as heroes, creep-heroes as creeps.
    • Reduces the target's max mana by 16%/18%/20%/22% (Upgradable by Aghanim's Shard. 21%/23%/25%/27%), while keeping its current mana values.
    • The same applies when the target(s) gain their mana back while Outworld Destroyer loses its mana upon the buff duration expiring. Only their max mana value is increased, the current mana value stays unchanged.
    • Vice versa, it temporarily increases Outworld Destroyer's max mana by the same amount and keeps its current mana values per cast.
  • Each cast places a new hidden modifier buff/debuff on both Outworld Destroyer and the target. This means their durations are independent of each other.
    • The counter modifier on both Outworld Destroyer and its targets shows how much max mana they gained or lost.
    • Upon death, the dying hero's max mana restores back to its normal values, while Outworld Destroyer keeps the max mana bonus values for the remaining duration.
  • Always steals for the full amount per instance, regardless of how much max mana the target actually loses.
  • The red ring expanding at the center of the visual effects indicates a fixed 4-second duration. The red ring is visible to allies only.

Essence Flux
Essence Flux icon
Passively grants you a chance to restore a percentage of your max mana each time you cast an ability.
Proc Chance: 30%
Max Mana Restored: 25%/35%/45%/55%
With Aghanim's Scepter Damage Barrier Health Threshold: 20%
With Aghanim's Scepter Max Mana as Damage Barrier: All Damage Barrier 70%
With Aghanim's Scepter Barrier Duration: 15
With Aghanim's Scepter Barrier Stack Limit Duration: 79
Cooldown symbol
  With Aghanim's Scepter 80
Mana symbol
 With Aghanim's Scepter 100% Current Mana
Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter.
Aghanim's Scepter Upgrade:
Damage that would bring Outworld Destroyer below 20% health triggers a strong dispel. In addition, when the effect is triggered Outworld Destroyer consumes of all his mana to create an all damage barrier equal to 70% of his maximum mana that lasts for 15 seconds. This effect can occur every 80 seconds and cannot be refreshed.
Modifiers [?]
The Outworld is awash in arcane energy, inclined to diffuse through any of Harbinger's rifts.

  • Restores mana after other abilities are cast.
    • Can restore 7.5%/10.5%/13.5%/16.5% of Outworld Destroyer's max mana per ability cast on average.
    • Can restore mana from any active abilities, including Toggleable Abilities, Sub Abilities and ablities which can not trigger on-cast effect.
  • Does not proc on any item abilities.
  • Essence Flux first applies a strong dispel upon activation, then applies the buff.
    • Passively activates when a damage instance, including 0-damage instances, drops its health below 20%, or hits Outworld Destroyer while already below 20% health.
  • Essence Flux trigger condition is shown below:
    • When current health is more than 20%, if
      receiving damage (calculated before Terminal Damage Block) > current health - 20% max health, Essence Flux will trigger.
    • When current health is less than 20%, any damage instance (including 0 and negative) will trigger Essence Flux.
    • Essence Flux can be activated by any damage, includeing damage flagged as HP Removal. But health setting and instantly killing can not activate.
  • When triggering moment, Essence Flux actually applies a 100% Terminal Damage Block, it loacted after almost all Damage Manipulation, causing several on-damage effects to not trigger.
    • The Terminal Damage Block can affect any damage, including damage flagged as HP Removal. But can not affect health setting and instantly killing.
  • After triggering, Essence Flux grants Outworld Destroyer a All Damage Barrier universal damage barrier, with a capacity based on 70% of Outworld Destroyer's max mana.
    • Fully absorbs damage values of all damage types, causing several on-damage effects to not trigger within its capacity.
    • Stacks additively with the same damage-type barrier sources, and independently with other damage-type barrier sources.
    • Universal damage barrier has the lowest priority in the group of damage barriers, its capacity is depleted last when combined with other damage-type barriers.
    • However, when combined with other higher-priority damage-negating sources (e.g. Refraction icon Refraction), Essence Flux does not absorb any damage until the damage-negation sources expire.
  • The upgraded passive component does not reapply again in the last 79 seconds.
    • The stack limit duration has the following properties:
      • The duration is set upon cast and is always 1 second less than the cooldown.
      • Cannot be reset by cooldown resetting sources.
      • Can be extended by Time Dilation icon Time Dilation.

Sanity's Eclipse
Sanity's Eclipse icon
Enemy Heroes / Self
Unleashes a psychic blast that deals to enemies based on the difference between your mana and the target's mana. Sanity's Eclipse can hit units trapped by Astral Imprisonment. Deals bonus damage to illusions. Affected heroes gain a Mana Allergy debuff for 7 seconds, healing Outworld Destroyer every time they cast a spell.
Cast Animation: 0.25+0.4
Cast Range: Affected by Cast Range bonuses. 700
Effect Radius: Affected by AoE Radius bonuses. 450/525/600
Base Damage: 200/300/400
Max Mana Difference Damage Multiplier: 0.4 (Talent 0.55)
Illusion Damage Multiplier: 2
Sanity's Eclipse icon Mana Allergy
Ability Cast Mana Cost as Heal: 150%
Debuff Duration: 7
Cooldown symbol
 160/145/130 (Talent 100/85/70)
Mana symbol
Modifiers [?]
When an Outworld crystal ruptures, cataclysmic energies are released, and the reverberations of this power are felt interdimensionally.

  • Sanity's Eclipse first deals its damage in one instance, then applies the Mana Allergy debuff.
  • The damage multiplier is based on the max mana of Outworld Destroyer and hit enemies, not the current mana.
    • Can deal up to 40 (Talent 55) damage (before reductions) per 100 difference in max mana values.
    • Fully affects units without mana as well, treat units without mana as if they have 0 mana.
  • The Mana Allergy heal triggers on each mana cast event from abilities. This includes the following sources:
    • Flat mana cost sources from abilities and item abilities.
    • Mana cost over time sources (e.g. Chakram icon Chakram), the heal triggers on every single instance of mana.
    • Heals for 0 hp when units affected cast abilities with 0-mana cost.
  • The Mana Allergy heal does not trigger on the following sources:
    • On mana loss caused by abilities that removes mana offensively (e.g. Mana Break icon Mana Break).
    • Fully ignores abilities that do not trigger on-cast effects. Therefore, it will not trigger any heal instance even if these abilities cost mana.
  • Mana Allergy self-heals per enemy ability cast based on its original mana cost, regardless of distance.
    • Mana cost reduction sources do not affect the self-healing values.
    • Fully self-heals even when Outworld Destroyer is invulnerable or hidden.
  • expr
    • Self-Heal per Ability Cast: 150% × EnemyAbilityManaCost


Hero Talents
-60s Sanity's Eclipse icon Sanity's Eclipse Cooldown25+2% Arcane Orb icon Arcane Orb Damage
+0.15 Sanity's Eclipse icon Sanity's Eclipse Mana Difference Multiplier2020% Spell Lifesteal
+30 Movement Speed15+100 Astral Imprisonment icon Astral Imprisonment Cast Range
+20 Attack Speed10+200 Health
  • The health talent increases the max health capacity and keeps the current health percentage.

Recent Changes[]

Main Articles: Changelogs, Old Abilities and Hero Lore

Recommended Items[]

Starting items:

  • Tango icon Tango restores health to stay in lane.
  • Healing Salve icon Healing Salve restores health more quickly than Tangoes while being slightly less cost efficient.
  • Iron Branch icon Iron Branch gives cheap attributes, and Outworld Destroyer can use it with Tango to receive more heal.
  • Mantle of Intelligence icon Mantle of Intelligence can be picked up to build Null Talisman later and give extra attack damage and mana.

Early game:

  • Null Talisman icon Null Talisman gives a cheap boost to Intelligence and mana to give Outworld Destroyer better damage in lane.
  • Power Treads icon Power Treads grants extra Intelligence and attack speed to complement Arcane Orb. It can also switch to giving Strength in a pinch for more health.

Mid game:

  • Witch Blade icon Witch Blade grants mana, damage, and attack speed, all of which complement Outworld Destroyer's abilities. His high Intelligence also makes the passive ability highly damaging.
  • Blink Dagger icon Blink Dagger increases his mobility, allowing Outworld Destroyer to blink and escape after a self-cast Astral Imprisonment.
  • Black King Bar icon Black King Bar protects against most disables and nukes, letting Outworld Destroyer nuke down enemies unimpeded.
  • Aghanim's Scepter icon Aghanim's Scepter makes Outworld Destroyer much harder to kill with the Arcane Fortitude barrier.

Late game:

  • Moon Shard icon Moon Shard grants a huge boost to attack speed, letting Outworld Destroyer use Arcane Orb much more liberally and shred through enemies' health.
  • Scythe of Vyse icon Scythe of Vyse provides him with both additional Intelligence and a hex, giving him more time to deal damage with Arcane Orb.
  • Parasma icon Parasma builds from Witch Blade and gives Outworld Destroyer more mana and attack damage, along with a powerful damage over time effect.

Situational items:

  • Hand of Midas icon Hand of Midas lets Outworld Destroyer scale better and patches up his slow farming speed, letting him snowball more easily after a good early game.
  • Meteor Hammer icon Meteor Hammer can be easily set up by Astral Imprisonment and gives extra damage against buildings. The Intelligence and Spell Amp are also excellent for supplementing Outworld Destroyer's abilities.
  • Hurricane Pike icon Hurricane Pike gives attack range and attributes. The active allows Outworld Destroyer to position, as well as increasing his attack speed for a number of attacks. It can be used as an alternative to Blink Dagger.
  • Linken's Sphere icon Linken's Sphere can be considered as an alternative to Black King Bar if you find yourself heavily focused by single target abilities, particularly ones that pierce debuff immunity.
  • Octarine Core icon Octarine Core gives the most mana in a single item, and allows you to steal more mana by spamming Astral imprisonment. It also increase damages and allows Sanity Eclipse to be used more frequently.
  • Aghanim's Shard icon Aghanim's Shard is an option for saving allies or protecting Outworld Destroyer himself by letting them reposition while invulnerable from Astral Imprisonment.
  • Rod of Atos icon Rod of Atos will provide him with additional health and intelligence, as well as the ability to root against a single target. Get this item if your team doesn't have lots of crowd control.
  • Orchid Malevolence icon Orchid Malevolence gives him even more intelligence and attack speed, and also gives him a silence that also amplifies his damage for the time period. Also builds later into Bloodthorn icon Bloodthorn.
  • Refresher Orb icon Refresher Orb is one of the strongest late-game items on Outworld Destroyer, as it allows Sanity's Eclipse, as well as items like Black King Bar and Scythe of Vyse to be used twice, which can be devastating in teamfights.
  • Bloodstone icon Bloodstone provide a large amount of Mana, greatly increase damage output of Sanity's Eclipse, and gives you 25% spell lifesteal. This can bring you up to full health after casting Sanity's Eclipse on a bunch of heroes. Also pairs up nicely with the level 25 talent.
  • Revenant's Brooch icon Revenant's Brooch grants a significant Spell Lifesteal and attack damage bonus and allows Outworld Destroyer to attack enemies in ethereal form. Because Essence Flux constantly replenishes his mana, Outworld Destroyer can keep it toggled on almost permanently.

Dota Plus Progress[]

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Relics track a hero's actions and statistics, and display in-game notifications when a milestone is reached. They are only available to Dota Plus subscribers.

Relics Voice Lines
Relic Rare icon
Astral Imprisonment icon Astral Imprisonments Leading To Kills
Relic Rare icon
Astral Imprisonment icon Astral Imprisonment Blink Dagger icon Blink Escape Combos
Relic Rare icon
Four Hero Sanity's Eclipse icon Sanity's Eclipses
Relic intelligence icon
Arcane Orb icon Arcane Orb Damage
Relic intelligence icon
Scythe of Vyse icon Scythe of Vyses Leading To Kills
Relic intelligence icon
Hurricane Pike icon Hurricane Pike Target Damage
Relic intelligence icon
Pure Damage
Relic intelligence icon
Kills During Black King Bar icon Black King Bar
Relic intelligence icon
Blink Dagger icon Blinks Leading To Kills
Relic intelligence icon
Triple Kills
Relic intelligence icon
Mega Kill Streaks
Relic intelligence icon
Kill Assists
Relic intelligence icon
Plus Hero Badge 1
Plus Hero Badge 2
Plus Hero Badge 3
Plus Hero Badge 4
Plus Hero Badge 5
Plus Hero Badge 6
  • ▶️ I could hear your caterwauling from clear out on the rim.



  • Outworld Destroyer was originally called "Obsidian Destroyer" in DotA. Obsidian Destroyer was based on two units in "Warcraft III: Frozen Throne"; the Obsidian Statue, and its alternate form, the Destroyer.
    • Outworld Destroyer was originally added to Dota 2 with his current name, but was changed to "Outworld Demolisher" before the patch left the Test Client. However, due to community outcry, it was changed to "Outworld Devourer" as he arrived on the Main Client. This name was used up until 7.28, where it was changed again to the original Dota 2 iteration of "Outworld Destroyer".
    • Due to the many name changes Outworld Destroyer went through, he gained many humorous community names such as "Outworld Developer", "Outsourced Developer" and "Outhouse Decorator".
  • Outworld Destroyer has lines for carrying two, three or even four Aghanim's Scepter icon Aghanim's Scepter. The reason for this is because in Dota 1 early development Aghanim's Scepter was made using Mystic Staff icon Mystic Staff and Soul Booster icon Soul Booster giving 500 mana and 30 Intelligence attribute symbol intelligence, which helped Outworld Destroyer tremendously.