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Outpost Neutral model
Outpost Neutral model
Outpost Radiant model
Outpost Dire model
Unknown Unit iconUnknown Unit icon
This unit has no mana.
Level 1
Armor Armor 0
Magic Resistance 0%
Collision Size 112
Bound Radius 96
Vision Range (G) 500
Bounty Gold 0
Experience 0
Abilities Watch Tower icon Watch Tower
Notes Capturable
Misc Building minimap icon Minimap icon
Main Article: Neutral Buildings


Watch Tower icon
There is no description for this ability.
Capture Distance: 300
Max Capture Time: 6
Modifiers [?]

  • If the channeling is interrupted, the ability does nothing.
  • Issuing an attack order (Keyboard White Mouse Right Right Click or A+Keyboard White Mouse Left Left Click) on an Outpost causes the hero to begin channeling.
    • Only heroes, clones, the Lone Druid Spirit Bear icon Spirit Bear and illusions that can cast abilities can initiate the channeling. Other units cannot.
    • The channeling can be initiated even while disarmed, and is not interrupted by getting disarmed during it.
    • The channeling cannot be initiated while silenced, but is not interrupted by getting silenced during it.
  • Multiple players can channel at the same time, the channel duration gets divided evenly between the players.
    • If multiple heroes of the same player channel it (e.g. with clones), the channel time is not divided.
    • The channeling time can be defined as
      6 / n.
    • Therefore, the channel time can be reduced to 6/3/2/1.5/1.2 seconds with 1/2/3/4/5 channeling players.
  • Once captured, players can teleport to the Outpost, wth a teleport distance of 250 and a base channel time of 4 seconds.
    • Losing an Outpost to the enemy while channeling a teleport already does not cancel the teleport.